Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 101 - Couldn't have asked for a better week!!

Couldn't have asked for a better week!! 

I have felt the love of the Lord and his guidance as we have gone out and preached the Gospel! Elder Tuttle and I set some pretty high goals this week and just went out and achieved them. No discouragement, just pure hard Elder Tuttle is dead and not feeling well.

Last Monday, the leaders came in for the MLC meeting which was held on Tuesday. We found a new MLC tradition and that is sock wrestling!!! It was such a blast! I am still sore but for sure needed a work out like that. It was also nice to spend some time with the other leaders around the mission. 

Tuesday we had the MLC which went great! We talked about making ourselves busy. In other words effective planning. It was great and the ZL's did a great job of re-teaching it in ZTM which happened on friday. 

Many miracles happened this past week. On friday night, we hold our english class. As usual, we invited many people in anticipation for a lot to show up. We got a call from somebody who is interested in learning about the Gospel but wanted to come to english class. He said, "Elder is it okay if I bring friends like 2 or 3 or 5 or 9?!" We replied with a yes........30 mintues later about 9 people showed up! They stayed until the end of englush class and for the spiritual thought. We offered a church tour and all of them were super excited!! The spirit was so strong as we walked with them through the church and taught them about the restored church. It was a busy night.

Other miracles that a district we had a "cuci motor graits" (free motor wash) We put the sign out on the street and within 5 minutes, TONS of people came in. We had the opportunity to talk to them and found lots of interested people. There were some that asked to see inside of the church so we gave them church tours and it was just an awesome experience.

Alexander, our new member, brought a friend to church yesterday and he is GOLDEN!! We met with him after church and just talked about the Book of Mormon. He wants to come back next week and really was touched at church! There are so many people ready to receive the Gospel, we just have to find the right ones!

We met tons of great people this week and just witnessed the Lord guiding and blessing us! The Lord will guide and lead those that are obedient in this life. We have so much potential to achieve!

Love you all!

Elder Hayes

Happy Member!!! and a little bit of a height difference :)

Bro. A. and his friend who is GOLDEN!!!!!!

 a member and some investigators that we have been working with!!!
nobody to talk to on the bus  :(

how is this thing still running!!!

i killed my companion! ;)
Last MLC

Last MLC

Last MLC

Last MLC

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