Thursday, July 10, 2014

The First Letter

Hello Family,

I made it safely! The layover was really tight but I made it just in time! As soon as we got here we were thrown into class and it's 100% Indonesian. The language is crazy and sounds like gibberish. My companion is Elder Campbell and he is from Pleasant Grove, UT. I GOT TO SEE ELDER DeCoursey AS WELL! I know this is short, but we were told to write you on the first night. Already things are happening as we've listened and talked to a few investigators. I love and miss you all! The Church is true and there are no doubts about that!


Elder Hayes

P.S. Way to slip in the good luck letter Mom! Plus look for my emails. I'm pretty sure my preparation day is Thursdays here in the MTC.

P.S.S. My letters will get longer, just today was crazy and long and its late so don't worry!

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