Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 5 - Last E-Mail from the MTC - Focus on The Restoration and the Temple

4 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is my very last email in the MTC!! I am so beyond excited to get on my way!! I've been preparing and studying the language and I can just hope that I say things correctly so that when I get there, I can immediately begin talking to people! The MTC was good, but sitting at a desk all day is not really what I want to be doing! We've been teaching everyday and practicing different lessons and I can comfortably have a great conversation about the Gospel. The thing that helps the most is simply reading the Book of Mormon with non-members and helping them understand and then asking inspired questions that get them thinking. After those are taken care of, then lessons and the people's conversion is so much easier!

MONDAY is the day!! We will actually get to ride in a car for the first time in over a month and really see real people! Our flight times are really ridiculous! We leave from SLC at 10 PM and then fly to San Francisco. At 2 AM we get on a flight and head to Taipei, Taiwan which will be crazy because there will be Chinese characters everywhere maybe mixed with a little English. Also because we cross the international date line, we skip forward a whole day, we land at like 6 AM the next day and then from there we make our final journey to Jakarta where we will arrive Wednesday afternoon.
I can only hope that my trainer will help me out a ton! My first area wherever it will be will be the greatest! Along with that, if I need anything I'll look first in Indonesia and then if I can't find what I need I'll let you know.   

One cool thing that happened this past week was on Sunday. In the morning, as a district we were working on memorizing the words of Joseph Smith's first vision. The rest of the day, including mission conference, devotional, and film after were all focused on the Restoration. It was truly inspiring and almost wish that I had the opportunity to see it in person but also very glad to be living in this day in age! My testimony has grown so much and sharing it is as easy as doing an action. I never really thought about that, but if you don't bear your testimony by word, then you better be bearing it by your actions.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to host again! That is really cool and sad at the same time because sometimes you take an Elder away from their family that is just in tears. Other families, the parents and family are so happy and excited to see them go that you don't feel as bad! I met a missionary headed to the Italy, Rome mission and a few others but that is the one I remember because it was the first Elder! 

This morning was our last temple session for two whole years! I'm really going to miss it! Talking to these families about sacrifices will be difficult because a lot of them already don't have a lot. I encourage you all to go to the temple as often as you can! I've only been like 3 total times because it's been closed, but every time I go the feeling is unreal! There is so much to be learned there that we will never obtain it all in this lifetime! 

I've had a few questions about laundry and to be honest I have absolutely no idea if I do it right. I just kind of do whatever and then yeah they seem clean to me. I haven't had any problems thankfully until today when some of my slacks came out wrinkly randomly. Hopefully I find a solution hahahaha.

I love the pictures that you send me. Kiersten, you didn't attach the photos correctly, so I can't see them. Try and re-send them. Thank you for all of the emails and packages and letters from you all! Reading them is one of the best times of the week because it is so different! It's good to hear things going on in your lives and I pray that things continue to stay great!

I will probably have more to write when I get to Indonesia, but if there is anything you want to know, feel free to ask and then I will answer it. Love you all and the next time I'll be writing you all will probably be on some old, slow computer that I will need to learn patience with from the awesome country of Indonesia!

Elder Hayes

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