Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 6 - Done with the MTC and Arrival In Indonesia

Instead of an e-mail this week we were able to talk with Spencer for a few minutes on the phone before he boarded his flight to Indonesia. - We received two different e-mails - one from an instructor in the MTC, and the other from the Mission President this morning with a picture indicating they were all there safe and sound.

A note from one of the MTC Instructors:

Brother and Sister Hayes,

My name is Jesse.  I got back from my mission to Indonesia about 1.5 years ago and was blessed with the opportunity to work with Elder Hayes while he was at the MTC.  I just wanted to thank you for raising up such an awesome missionary.  I just sent him and his companion off on Monday.  Hopefully you were able to talk to him while he was at the airport.  He was such a hard worker from the second he got to the MTC and was always trying to improve and get better.  He was kind to everyone he was around and was really humble.  I was impressed on how fast he picked up on the language and how he was not afraid to speak it.  He did such a great job here at the MTC and he is going to be great out in Indonesia.  Indonesia is the best place ever to serve a mission and he is going to love it!  I know that you guys will be blessed greatly through the service and sacrifices he will make while he is gone.  Thank you once again.

And the brief note from President and Sister Donald:

All of our missionaries arrived safely . Thank you these wonderful men and women, what a blessing to have them serve with us in the Indonesia Jakarta Mission. 
President and Sister Donald 

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