Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 23 - Finished the Doctrine & Covenants, Ward Baptism, and Introducing Indonesians to American Christmas Music

Selamat Siang semuanya!! 

This week has been a little long! Well, Saturday and Sunday were long. It rained like crazy those two days and when we tried to visit people, not a single person let us in or they didn't want to meet. It was just a long day. However, I think there are a couple things that could have gone worse HAHA!!! 

In answer to some or your questions about the holidays here: Only the malls or the insides of houses are decorated for Christmas, that's it and a lot of the time the people don't even have enough money to have decorations or a tree. As for us [Elders] we have started to decorate our house a little bit. There will have to be a picture in the future. I think for the Christian families Christmas is almost the same but 90% of this country is Muslim so it isn't advertised or anything. The ward Christmas party is on Christmas day. I think it will be fun and hopefully we can get non-members or less-actives there because this is the only ward activity they've had since I have been here. If you have sent anything, I haven't got it. Maybe this week because on Wednesday there is a zone meeting.

As for Elder K. B's birthday (I have to add the K because there are actually 2 Elder B's in the mission) it was good. There was a mountain of food for him at a place called Pak Jon's where we eat every Tuesday and Friday after English class. Yes, the food is good enough to eat twice a week every week! :) The birthday tradition here is to throw eggs and dump flour on them and water!! That's always fun to do!!

As for the skype call, I don't know any details yet. I would imagine there will be instruction on Wednesday in our zone meeting on how we as missionaries are supposed to go about doing that. 

In our house we have been singing and listening to Christmas music and it's awesome. The Indonesian Elders haven't heard a few of the songs so when they hear one they get excited and really like it!

It's good to hear about Kiersten and Zach in their sports. And congratulations to Noah Reimers. He works hard at everything he does. 

The national Christmas tree sounds like a blast and of course our name gets called when I'm gone! HAHAHA and of course Zach asks for a snowboard and XBOX one!! Maybe he'll get one of those...... who knows??! 

This week in my personal study, I finished the Doctrine and Covenants which I wanted to read again because last time I really studied it was freshman year in high school. It is truly scripture that can be applied to every aspect of anybody's life at this day in age. It's a book of scripture that causes me to really think and ponder about the future and also the early saints and how blessed we are to live in this time period where things are different. 

Yesterday, the Sisters in our ward had a baptism. It was really good for the ward and the people who were involved with that. Before he entered the font they were practicing how it ws going to go and it was just funny to watch because outside of the water and inside of the water are two different places. But they only had to baptize him one time so that was good. Plus it was fast Sunday, so we opened our fast as a ward and had a mini feast! Our ward eats together every week after church. 

I hope things continue to be great for you all!  I miss you all!!!

Elder Hayes

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