Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 22 - Families can be Together Forever, Missing Snow, & Thanksgiving in Indonesia

I'm not going to lie, that snow and the talk of snow is something that I really miss. The talk of snow usually meant snow days, or basketball, or football, or a whole bunch of stuff! Thanksgiving was not the same but the mission couple and the missionaries from America tried to make it as real as possible for the missionaries in Indonesia. There was turkey and pies and vegetables and all that good stuff. One thing was cool was that we all went around the room and said one thing that we were thankful for and every single Indonesian missionary said their one thing in English even if their English was poor. It truly was awesome. Then again, I think they thought we were weird for ever eating this much.

My appetite has changed so much. A lot of people say that I"ve become Indonesian because I can't get full until I eat rice. I'm not sure that is the reason, but it is worth giving it a test. 

So yesterday was the primary program in our ward and there are exactly 16 members in our primary! They did an awesome job and the theme was families can be together forever! It was something just way awesome as a missionary to see because I'm far from my family yet so close to them as I serve here in Indonesia.

With that being said, 2 less actives came to church yesterday and I couldn't be more happy!!!! I've been working on just being happy all the time and always smiling. Even when things are hard and not going that well I just smile and move on. Every person has their choices and I have mine. I kind of learned this when I was cut from the basketball team a year ago. Smile move on, people have their choices and I have mine. 

Also, there will be some point in this mission where I understand everything somebody says. HAHAHA When I talk to someone and they say just one thing that I don't understand it throws the whole sentence off but it's coming! 

It looks like everything was good for all of you and I hope things continue to get better and better.

Elder Hayes

By the way Brianne, that was very convincing. And Kiersten chick fil a is a good thing to be thankful for because that is something I will not have until I get back!!!!  (**Spencer's response to a video we sent this week with each of the family telling him one thing we were thankful for.)

A Little A&W Never Hurts the Soul

Thank You Potomac Crossing Priests Quorum! 
A Little Thanksgiving Pie!

Thanksgiving Dinner in Indonesia! (Looks pretty normal)

Typical Road in Solo

A Nice View

A Monument in the Park We Clean  

A Scorpion and Other Bugs in the Bathroom

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