Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 18 - Eating Cobra, Feeling Under the Weather, and Ready for His "Greenie"

Selamat Siang!!!

Selamat Halloween!!! Even though they don't really celebrate that here. However, that doesn't stop two elders from switching name tags and dressing up as each other for the Holiday. 

As I hear about the weather there, I will be happy to tell you that it is still hotter than ever here! There probably isn't a moment of the day when I'm not sweating! We still wait for rainy season! 

This week I got sick with just a head cold! I'm not exactly sure how I acquired it but on Thursday we were only able to work half of the day before I couldn't give any more. We went home and I just rested. Friday wasn't any better but thank goodness we had a district meeting and Elder King and I planned for the week so it was basically another day to rest. By Saturday I was just stuffed and feeling a lot better and it was way better to work. Now I just have that lingering cough.

So I think I'll share the funniest story of the week first.So today is Elder King's birthday and he is turning 20 but last Monday the bishop and another family in the Ward took us to dinner because Elder King is moving thins week to Bogor. So we were eating and the restaurant was way cool and rather cheep, so cheep that it fits in the missionary budget. :) So we were just eating and we got on the topic of birthdays and Elder King had mentioned that he is turning 20 and next thing we hear in English from one of the Sister are the words, "Baby Face!" We started laughing so hard! First of all because it was in English and second of all because she just told it straight!!! Both Elder King and I were dying laughing!

Now for the craziest thing that happened! On Tuesday we went and got Cobra. We drank the blood and then ate the meat which was cooked in various ways. It wasn't terrible but the blood was just way strong of whatever flavor it was. The meat was actually good! The whole deal was crazy because the lady grabs the snake out of the bag and then holds it and then chops off the head, drains the blood, and adds the gall bladder and the bone marrow to the drink and you drink it all. The snake is still moving and wrapping itself and the head is still moving and it was just a crazy experience!! It may happen again, it may not, I'm not sure!!!

Other than that, it has been a pretty normal week. I will give birth to my kid (the elder I'm training) on Thursday and I'm pretty excited for that. My language these past couple weeks has gotten way better and with a native I think it will get even more better. We've been visiting quite a few less actives and yesterday one came to church that we've been teaching and visiting for a while now. I truly hops that he continues to come! 

We've been visiting a lot of the members too because Elder King is moving and the members are just awesome here. They have strong testimonies and are striving to get a temple here. Word on the street is that Indonesia only needs two more stakes and they will qualify for a temple which is awesome because these people really need one. 

I'm not really sure what I want for my birthday and Christmas other than that big bag of Hi-Chews, and maybe a little extra money in the account. I'm not sure. Maybe just add some American candy. I will have a native companion so I think I will have a lot of fun sharing how Americans celebrate Christmas. 

The pictures are awesome and a huge congratulations to Zach and everyone for their success. From the pictures it looks like things are cold and fun! The time really is flying here and the days feel like weeks because usually everything falls through and the weeks feel like days.

Indonesia is such an awesome place, I probably will never be able to stop saying that! 

I love you all and continue to wish the best for you!!

Good luck to Kiersten as she takes the worst test ever and yeah.

Sampai Minggu depan!!!

Elder Hayes

Zone Conference

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