Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 19 - Officially a Trainer, When it Rains it Pours (Literally), A Giant Among Men.

Selemat Siang!!!

HAHA yes, Dad your sentence made sense. As for the rest of you, How are you??? Some aspects of this week have been really slow and other aspects have been way fast!!!!!! Many things have happened including a couple birthdays, transfers, Stake Conference, and just being a missionary.

So on Thursday, most of the missionaries in Solo were being transferred so there was only three Elders at the time. We were working together that day. That night was when everybody was arriving. Around 6 it started down pouring and when it rains here, it FREAKING RAINS here! There is no sprinkle, there is no light rain, only the down pour!! We had to do a couple of things like duplicate a key and we were riding our bikes. There was no time to put rain coats or anything on so we just went for it! We were soaked!!!!!!! The good thing is my pants dried in about 2 hours which was nice because any longer it would have not been fun!!!

I got my companion and have officially started training him. He is from a city called Bekasi, it is near Jakarta.His name is Elder B and his birthday is December 3rd which is pretty close to mine except he is a year older. Yes, I am like a foot and a half taller than him. Speaking of that I have a funny story. So Saturday night, our ward was the choir for that session of Stake conference. Everyone wanted to match and all the Brothers wanted to wear suits. Well, us missionaries don't have our suits so they had us go to a members house and pick out a jacket to use. We got them and his was way too big and mine was too small!!! It was funny. To continue when we stood it was all short Indonesians and then this giant white guy in the middle of them all!!!

We've had a few lessons together and it is funny afterwards because Elder B will say that he is confused. And he should be because I'm still confused. We tell the people straight up that our church is different and explain the differences and they will still say that every church is the same and say that our church is the same and it's fun to teach him how to handle things like this.

We've only had a couple days together, but I'm sure as the time goes we'll have a blast!! My language has already gotten better with him because he knows just a little English. It's fun to live with someone from a different culture and see how they live. I'm learning a lot and I know he is learning a lot from me.

It continues to be crazy hot!!!!! However when it does rain, it tends to cool off just a little bit which is nice!!! 

It sounds like there is a few changes going on there. Honestly, at this point I can't even imagine what cold feels like!!! It's crazy to here how fast things change there as things are the same here. I have found my favorite food. It is tempe!!!!!!!!!!! Tempe is really only fried soy beans and it is sooooo good!!!! They have like a million different kinds of it, but it is so good!! I want to learn how to make it but apparently it takes a minimum of like 3 days to make it. :(

Next week I'll have more about Elder B as I get to know him more and more! :)

I've had the question of people wanting a few things from here. What are people interested in??? 

Other than that it sounds like everything is good! I hope it is. Sorry this one is a little short, the time finished way fast!!! 

Sampai minggu depan,

Elder Hayes
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