Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 21 - Anarchy in Solo, Increased Testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everybody!!!!!

I hope all of your Thanksgiving and all of that good stuff was awesome! The other day I got a card from the priests quorum back home which was way awesome to get!! As for the holidays here, they are not the same at all!!!! However, later today, we are going to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner! I'm excited and some of the Indonesians are excited because there isn't anything like it here.

As far as the week goes, it was good. Always HOT AND WET!!!!! So on Tuesday, Elder B proselyted and proselyted and proselyted some more. Not a single person let us into their house. We were like this is so weird usually we can get a few lessons out of this but everyone that we talked to turned around and walked into their house. We weren't having success so we decided to try a less active's house. We were talking to him and he didn't let us in. All he said was you need to get out of here there is this, this, and this. Well I didn't understand a single word he was saying but Elder Boenari was like okay we need to leave and this is the way we have to go. Well turns out there was Anarchy right in the areas that Elder B and I were talking to people so no wonder they wouldn't let us in! Shops and whole streets were closed down. So that ate the whole day!!!!

Other than that, we talked to a few people who are potentials and we found the one guy who went to theological school and didn't want any part of us. So we sat there and listened to him as he rambled off on things that didn't make sense at all and kindly left. 

Another less active passed away. Last week I forgot to mention that. I think of it as kind of a spiritual moment. I had gone to this less active's house every week and brought the sacrament because he couldn't walk. Well a few weeks later he got terribly sick and so he couldn't take sacrament but he just wanted the spiritual message form the Elders! We went there every week and visited him, sometimes even twice a week. Well last Wednesday night, I just had the feeling that we should go and just see how he is doing. On Thursday when we got there everything was set up for a funeral and we asked who it was for and they said the name of the less active. They said they tried to contact someone from our church to tell us because they knew the Elders came every week but they weren't able to tell anybody until we just showed up. I was able to see the man that I visited and to see him suffer and see him one last time was good. IT just is increasing my testimony on the Plan of Salvation. It now makes three or four people I've taught pass away, I forget!

Yesterday was like a little different sacrament meeting. Next week there is the primary program but yesterday was like a young women's program. There is more leaders than there is young women in our ward. The Sister missionaries helped out with that a lot too. 

I thank you all for the support and Love! This truly is an eye opening experience and a learning one too. 

As for foods this week I had the craziest milk that I have ever drunken in my life and it was actually really good. It consisted of milk, eggs, honey, and ginger!! Sounds gross I know, but it was way tasty!!!

I hope everything continues to go well for all of you!!! I hope you all had a great holiday and this is the season to reach out to others so please do!!!

Elder Hayes

Picture from last week after singing in the choir.
With the Kingdom People
Me and My Companion Elder B.

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