Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 43 - Blessings on Blessings, The Power of Testimony, and Hit by a Car

Salam from the Islands!!

This week has been another week where we just saw the Lord pouring out blessings upon us!! Yesterday we had 4 investigators attend church again. We had a family come and that was just amazing! We met them just on the street and we ended up teaching them the first lesson and inviting them to church and they have come the past two weeks! When we went there to teach them this past week, the spirit was so so strong!! We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when I went to testify, the spirit just took over and in a few tears I bore my testimony. They came back to church and it turns out that the mom actually knows one of the members here and it is going great. They haven't received a baptismal date, but this experience of just teaching a WHOLE family is so inspiring and strong! They are a blessing!

Another miracle happened when we went to visit a less active that usually turns missionaries down, not in a bad way just doesn't think there is a need for them to come to his house. On Wednesday we went to his house and he came out and was the same. He told us that there was no need to come by, that he was still healthy and that everything was still good. After about 5 minutes of conversing in the front of his house he proceeded to let us in. As we sat down and started talking a little more a lady pulled up and just was totally convinced that we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We explained that we are not and we are missionaries from a different church! She took not only one Book of Mormon but 2, one to give to her friend, and she came to church yesterday! Not only that, this less-active was willing to open up his house to have this lady be taught in his house with a follow-up appointment later tonight!! Another tender mercy from the Lord!!

We are still working with P S and he is excited to move forward as well. Yesterday he was not able to come to church. After church we stopped by and the wife had said that he had gotten a phone call earlier that morning and left so he wasn't home on Sunday!

Just blessings are pouring out upon us!!

This week has been fun as I have been hit by a car and a motorcycle! However, there is no need to worry because they have no match for me!! I won both times by not getting hurt and just being a rock!! I still am confused how they ended up hitting me but as it happened I moved on and just had to laugh because the events aren't very clear to me HAHA!!!! 

Lately we have been able to play some futsal and basketball and it has been a lot of fun!! Exercise feels great when I actually do it!

As for service and all that good stuff, things are way way different in Surabaya than they are in Solo. The missionary work as well is just different. As for set service projects there are none here but just throughout the day we look for opportunities to serve!! As usual there are those people that reject and want nothing to do with us but that is part of the missionary work!!

For the skype call I think we will just do it on Monday morning so that is Sunday night there for you! I will work to get some what early in the morning so that it is not too late for you all there!! 

It sounds like everyone has had a pretty good week! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hear from you all soon!!

Elder Hayes

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