Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 49 - The Message of the Restoration

Hello Friends and family! 

This past week has been a good one! there were plenty of miracles and great things going on. To start off I will answer some of the questions that I got. When I travel to Jakarta I travel by myself and the other Elders are in a 3-some until I get back. I'm there from anywhere from 2-3 days. My trainer, Elder K, is the new AP so I was able to spend time with him and work a little bit in Jakarta with him which was a ton of fun. The cool thing about this mission is that every city is like a whole different mission! It is always interesting to experience the different areas!  

When I came back it was back to work. I can now say I know the pains of traveling and just being tired all the time! :) This past week, my companion and I have seen many miracles through our testimonies of the Restoration. One day when we were trying to visit a list of people, none of them could meet. On our way to one of the last houses there was a guy on the steet making a fence. We stopped and asked if we could help him with the fence but he said that there was no need and that he was almost done. He wasn't too interested in a message so we continued on. The very next person we saw on the street we talked to and he invited us in without knowing who we were, what we were doing, and ya. We sat down taught a small portion of the Restoration and he ended with "Thank you, I hope this book can help with direction in my life." He was willing to listen to what we had to say and becasue of that, he felt the truthfulness. Hopefully great things will come out of this. He was so grateful that he gave us a ride in his car to the next house we wanted to visit.

 Only a few people were home so we decided that another time would be better to visit. When we turned around 2 guys pulled up on their motorcylces. In the middle of conversation, one of them kind of pulled away and approached us and asked if he could see the Book of Mormon. He mentioned that he always sees us walking in this one area and has always wanted to stop us and talk to us but when he does his friends tell him not to, that we are of the devil. Well, we met him at this random house and he said that this was maybe a warning to him because he has never talked to us but we met at some random house out in the middle of no where. Well, we taught the restoration again and his friend overheard and he too asked for the Book of Mormon and asked for our number. We asked for an address and they actually live in an area we are not allowed to proselyte in so there would be no way we found them at their houses. We and they believe that meeting was supposed to happen! 2 great miracles!

We did have a debator this week. He ripped into us and honestly it was a blow on the faith but afterwards we moved on and just kept on going!!

Yesterday, church attendance jumped about 20 people! Every companionship had less-active families come and then there were a total of 4 investigators at church! Elder S and myself had 2 and it was amazing to see how much potential the church has here!! Great things!!!

Things are going great here! We have a washer and we air dry our clothes. We see many miracles and are all healthy. The Lord is watching over his missionaries and we feel that power!!!! Manado is staying beautiful with clean air and great things comingf!!!!

It sounds like that little fire at home was a little scare but all is well. It sounds like things are going well and I hope they go well. It was super exciting to hear about Abby's mission call!! She'll just love the mission!!! I cannot wait to hear about Owen. I can pray that he too is sent to Indonesia and I become his trainer! :) I hope to continue to hear good news like that!!!

Until next week!

Elder Hayes

Older Picture from a Few Weeks Ago - Elders with their Magnum Ice Cream Bars!

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