Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 51 - Hunting Rats, Mini-Miracles, and 'Mister....Bule'

Hello Everybody!!
I finally have a decent computer that I can send some pictures on but with that the payment might be a shorter email. I hope that doesn't bother a lot of people! This last week has been a good one!!  There has been a lot of good things and there is always those few things that go wrong!!

We will be pushing back the baptismal date of our investigator because they have been sick and haven't been able to come to church. There are no worries there because they are more than ready to get baptized just a few more times at church won't hurt them!! However, we did have 2 other investigators make it to church this past week because their family invited them. It was a mini miracle. 

We had a great hunting adventure this week. If you can imagine ravish missionaries screaming and yelling when we finally got the rat under control that's what happened! Rats I will say are a more than typical thing but I have learned to laugh at the hate for them and missionaries love to take care of them.

To answer the questions about food..... I don't eat as much McD's here because whether I eat there or on the street the price is the same. Things in Manado are pretty expensive compared to food and other things on Java. Usually here the typical meal is rice and some fish that has been gutted slapped on a grill with some seasonings that I don't know of but always satisfies with taste!

To answer the question of what I like to do as a missionary. I love to spend time with the members who have a great time because getting yelled at on the street gets old. It will be a big change when I don't walk outside and here "MISTER.......BULE!!" I'm not sure if it will be nice or not.

We were able to play some futsal with a few members and some non-members and I am out of shape!!!

I love you all! Until Next week!

Elder Hayes

Sunset on the Beach

Rainy Day and Other Islands off in the Distance

My Companion from Medan and I in an Angkot
View of Monado from the Air

View of Jakarta from the Air

Manado and its beauty

Local Volcano near Manado

Rat hunting
Streets of Manado

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