Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 56 - Branch Conference, PLD in Surabaya, and Crazy Dreams

Hello everybody! Nothing too exciting to report on this last week. To make the beginning of this interesting, this past week I have had some weird dreams! If you have ever been a missionary or are a missionary I think you understand that sometimes the dreams that we have can get a little strange! However, to actually remember the science behind dreams from High school is the struggle. :) 

We got a little rain on Wednesday which slowed things down just a bit but returned back to normal in just a couple of hours! On Thursday we were able to have another futsal activity that was very highly attended with more less-actives coming and it giving us an opportunity to speak to them. We have had a little more success meeting with less-actives this past week. To top it off, some of them have been coming to church! It is always great as a missionary to see others that you visit and teach follow up with their commitments. When they keep their commitments they are more blessed and seem to be enjoying themselves more. We are still in a 3-some so combing the two areas is a little hard so we spend enough and equal time in each area.

Yesterday was Branch conference! The church was FULL! It has been such a blessing to come here where the number attending has been around 55-60 and almost every week floating around 70+ now. You would be surprised how much difference 10 people makes in a branch! With that being said, on Saturday the Sisters had a baptism which went very well and she was confirmed yesterday at church! I was the lucky one to be asked to baptize her!

Tomorrow we have PLD which includes interviews with President Donald and a day of training. Manado is a little far out there so tomorrow morning we will hop on a plane and fly to Surabaya. I'm super excited because I'm hoping there will be time to go visit the family that only a couple of months ago my companion and I were able to baptize! 

All is well here! We are working hard to help these people!! I hope all is well there!!

It is awesome to hear that Max got his mission call!!!! It is kind of funny that he leaves before everyone else too HAHA!!! However, The Lord has a plan for everyone! He will be a great missionary. I can't wait to hear where Kesa will be called to.

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