Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 79 - MLC, Volcanoes Messing with Travel, and Skype as a Missionary Tool

Not a whole lot to report on for the week. Missionary work sees the same miracles over and over just at different times. So as I give an account of what happened this past week, you may have already heard it about a hundred times...yet they never get old. 

As a mission we are really focusing on talking to more people as we are looking to increase the number of new members in the year of 2016. Keep in mind, we already talk to a ton of people...we just need to talk to even more! On Monday, the Zone leaders flew in because on Tuesday we had our MLC meeting. Monday night was great. Myself and two other Elders positioned ourselves on separate benches in the busiest bus station. From 6 PM until 9 PM we were busy just talking to people. At some points we were rejected, at other points we were able to right away teach the first lesson and at one point somebody got off the bus ran over and says, "I know your church, I want to learn, I know Joseph Smith, and I know Thomas S. Monson, I want a missionary planner, here is my number and name," and off running he went. I'm not exactly sure why he asked for a missionary planner but okay. That was a miracle and we will be following up with him soon, last week was a very busy week.

Tuesday consisted of our very spiritual MLC! The spirit was so strong. It is so interesting to see and experience listening to the same words yet the spirit tells and teaches everybody something different! It was a great meeting to start off the year excited to achieve higher goals and to help the Lord in this marvelous work. It was a little crazy at night because we got a phone call from one of the Elders. They cancelled his flight because there was a volcano erupting in his area and they had to shut down the airport. He came back and spent the night and the next day with us before he could get a flight back. What other mission in the world has this problem?!?!

On Wednesday, all the new missionaries were able to go to immigration and get their kitas as well as head out to their new areas. There was another airport that was shut down due to a volcano going off but we were able to work around that one and send them to a different airport. Sometimes our house is very full with people and then the next day it returns to just the two of us. There are always missionaries coming in and out. Later on in the evening, we had our skype lesson with our progressing investigator in Bali. He is awesome and is sincerely seeking the truth. What is cool is that we teach him and the rest of the responsibility is on the members their to make sure he is getting to church and helping him out. Yesterday, he went to church with one of his daughters. We are striving so that the whole family will learn as well. It is pretty cool how a small thing like skype allows us to teach people virtually anywhere about the Gospel. We tried setting a baptismal date but he didn't accept it right away but we have complete faith that he will accept one either this week or the near future!

Friday was our Zone training meeting where the zone leaders teach us what we learned at MLC. That was another spiritual uplifting meeting that really helped me in my planning. The rest of the time was spent doing office work, teaching people, and talking to others. We are working with one of our investigators as he has been to church the past three weeks and has a baptismal date for the end of the month. He is doing really well and the Gospel is just bringing calmness and happiness into his life.

Yesterday was a pretty crazy experience as we went to a place called Kota tua to start talking to others and to teach. We arrived and for probably about 3 hours I stood and took pictures with people!!!!!!! It was CRAZY!!!!! It was a blessing because everybody that came up to us we were able to talk to and found some really interested people. We will probably do it again as there were tons of people all in one place and we were able to talk to hundreds. Just CRAZY I tell you but also miraculous. 

Hope you all have a good week. the church is true and I know it as I continue to share the precious message of the Restoration with others!

Elder Hayes

My quote of the week that I really liked is from Howard W. Hunter, 

“Those who are filled with the love of Christ do not seek to force others to do better; they inspire others to do better!”


McLaren - Missionary Dream Car. :)

Jakarta at Night

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