Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 84 - Time Warp, Custom Suits, and a Great Week of Missionary Leaders Conference

Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang!! (Happy Valentine's Day)

This past week flew by at about 250.456 KM per hour if that makes sense. I didn't know time could go so fast. I think somebody really has to come up with some formula for the speed of time. There were lots of good things that happened this past week.

Last Monday, all of the zone leaders flew in for the MLC meeting. A bunch of missionaries from the same MTC group as well as myself used our P-Day to go and make custom made suits. For a custom made suit, we payed under $120. Hopefully it turns out pretty good. Where else in the world can you pay a price like that and make the whole thing custom? It rained most of the day Monday and throughout the week, however when it didn't rain it was HOT!

MLC was awesome just as usual. It always uplifts spiritually and just is the best reminder of things that we should be doing as missionaries. We really focused on applying the principles we learned in the missionary broadcast and chapter 11 in PMG which is "We invite, They Commit, We follow Up." We role played giving certain commitments and helping others live them. All changes start from a commitment. Almost all commitments when learning of the Gospel come from the missionaries rather than themselves so we have to be ready to give them the right commitment at the right time to help others change. We also talked about Sanctification. We read scriptures highlighting this topic in Doctrine and Covenants 88:68-69, D&C 43:16, and D&C 88: 15-24;41. This is just a great topic for us to know not for this life but to prepare ourselves for the life to come and what degree of glory we will fall into. 

Right after MLC, we went back with Zone leaders from Tangerang and had a split with them. The split was great. We had just a great fundamental missionary day. We had some great lessons, we got rejected, we contacted people, received and contacted refferals, etc. It was a great day filled with hard work......and rain. We ate some delicious sate kambing (sate goat), the best I've had yet in Indonesia.

Our investigators are doing really well. Our investigator in Bali is still going pretty well, we haven't been able to meet with him for the last little while because we have not been here when he has the time to meet. He still does not have a baptismal date but hopefully will be get one here in the near future. Other than him, we have two investigators that are progressing really well here in Jakarta! They have been coming to church every week for the last little while and we are teaching them and the spirit is always strong. Both of them do want to get baptized at some point, we are working very hard for them to receive their answers. Another one of our investigators was our miracle this past week. This is the husband of a pretty recent convert of the church. He at one point avoided the missionaries but we felt that it would be good to visit him once a week. Now that we have started, he has really opened up to us and expressed his desires. This last week we were able to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and why it is so essential to repent and be baptized. There was probably a pause for about a minute of silence and in a soft tone we said, "that is what I should do isn't it?" The spirit was so strong. He said that he wasn't quite ready but knows that he needs to do it. It was a tender mercy from the Lord. I know that one day, he will become a new member in this church and be strong!

On the bus ride home from our lesson, there was a man sitting across the aisle and to me he looked different from all the others and I felt that I should contact him. There was just some special light about him. When I sat there and pondered how to even start talking to this guy and never got anywhere. So when we got off the bus, I told him that I felt like I needed to talk to him and I didn't know why. Turns out he is from Manado and Christian but soon ran off catching his next bus. I've really thought about why the spirit told me to talk to him but all that came from it was his name, face, and place he was from. I do have the faith that there was a reason.

As for the rest of the week, we had our Zone training meeting on Friday, Valentine's Day was yesterday and church was really good...we learned about eternal marriage in Gospel Principles HAHA! It rained everyday except Saturday where it was blazing hot.

I know the church is true and the Book of Mormon is true! I hope you all have a good week and I love you all!

Elder Hayes


More of Indonesia, I just love this country!

This is why it is takes an hour to get to church!!

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