Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 87 - Work, Work, Work

A week of just hard work and spreading the Gospel among Heavenly Father's children! We have had lots happen this past week that have just been awesome!

As a mission, we started the 80- day challenge and will read the Book of Mormon in 80 days. Right now we are in 1 Nephi and will enter into 2 Nephi either today or tomorrow. I am reading it in Indonesian and it has already been a wonderful blessing where we feel the spirit and just enjoy it. 

We have MLC tomorrow, so all the zone leaders are coming in today. It will be nice to spend some time with them today and tomorrow to be spiritually uplifted and edified in the greatness of the gospel and the task to spread it with others. 

As for other things that have happened this week. Failed service hahaha. Due to the floods we are really searching for service opportunities. On Tuesday, somebody agreed that we go to their house and help them clean up. When we showed up, the person had already cleaned it themselves. A failed service project, but we were able to share a message about service and that part went well. the weather this week however has been all over the place. Somedays it rains like a monsoon hit, somedays it is hotter than you can say hot, and somedays it is just absolutely beautiful. With weather like this, it kind of throws us around, we don't know what to expect. There was an earthquake earlier this week off the shore of Sumatera but we did not feel it here. 

Some funny things that happened this week. Here we are standing on the bus and low and behold there are people talking about you and they just start going off. It really is kind of awkward because I understand every word of it and it is hard not to laugh. I'm not sure what is funnier, the part when you just sit there and continue to listen, or the part when you start talking to them in their own language and they start to freak out and really think about what they have said hahaha! Another funny story happened at the bus stop. We were waiting for the bus and started talking to somebody. He ran onto a bus that we were not ready for but it was a great contact so I turned around grabbed my companion by the shirt and hopped on the bus. It ended up being worth it because we taught him there and gave a Book of Mormon and he is pretty interested. 

We picked up a new awesome investigator this past week who is just searching for the important things of life right now. He couldn't make it to church because he got sick but is really excited to meet again.

Elder Hariyadi and I had 4 investigators at church yesterday which was awesome! Two of them have set baptismal dates for the 27th which happens to be Easter! To teach them, we split with members after church and teaching them was amazing. The one I taught was almost in tears the whole time of the feelings that he was having. He offered the closing prayer and turns to us and says, "Elder, I feel released." It was such a powerful moment. We are looking forward to the next few weeks! 

All is well here. The work continues on and there is so much to do and not enough of us haha. Love you all!

Elder Hayes

Sorry there isn't any pictures this week, I didn't really take many this week

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