Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 88 - 10 Seconds Too Late, Zone Conference in Bogor, and the Value of Being in a Home

Selamat Pagi! 

This past week has kind of been all over the place. There has been leadership meetings, lots of things that didn't go as planned, ZTM in Bogor, visiting people, and making sure that I make a fool of myself! :)

On Monday, all of the zone leaders came in for the MLC on Tuesday. We learned a lot about faith and relying on the spirit. That is how this marvelous work is even possible yet, these two things are the easiest to forget and sometimes pretty hard to put into action. I personally feel that I have gone down with these things over the past little while so it was a great pick up to continue on.

On Wednesday, we went to a meeting with the bishops and ward mission leaders in the Jakarta stake and helped President present a couple things that would help missionary work in wards. President wasn't feeling too great so he brought us along. It also happened to be a public holiday, I'm just not sure which holiday it was. There are soo many public holidays in this country haha. As for the eclipse, I only briefly heard about one happening, I never knew what day or anything. I think we kind of noticed, and I have no pictures of it. 

Friday, we attended ZTM down in Bogor, the kota hujan (rainy city). Lets just say we made it to the train station about 10 seconds too late! ZTM was a blast and it was also pretty cool to have had the opportunity to attend the one for a different zone. We rode train there and came back on train just in time for everybody else to cancel on us for the rest of the day.

It is pretty crazy how much more you learn about somebody when you can go to their house. Here in Jakarta we rarely ever have the opportunity to go to someone's house because it is hard to get anywhere here. This past week, we visited one of the newer members in the ward at his house. I knew more and understood more about his life than the previous 6 months I've been here. What else was nice was, we went from the hustle and bustle of the city to just a nice peaceful, calm area where not only did we teach him, I personally took time just to sit there and enjoy the things that I forget are available for us. 

Saturday night came around and we visited another member. We had squid for dinner so I guess you could put that on the weird list. Like a whole squid about the size of my hand. I was trying to cut the squid when thing I know, half of my food was on the floor and just embarrassing, needless to say, we had to move to the table. I guess it never really is a good visit it without those moments.

We had a couple miracle lessons that happened this past week. One was a former investigator from a different city that moved to Jakarta. He has suffered a stroke and having a hard time. the other was a person that I met over a month ago and he asked to meet. A huge problem here is that we meet soooo many people and then the next they are gone because of just how many we meet. 

Things are going along!

Elder Hayes

 I don't really fit anywhere in this country

some delicious squid

March madness bracket......can missionaries receive revelation for march madness??

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