Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 15 - Conference, Priesthood Blessings, Relying on the Lord

Thank you all for your letters and your thoughts!!! I finally got watch conference and what I actually understood was awesome! So with that being said, the language is still coming along. It is very hard sometimes and other times I can understand every word. The javanese still throws me off too sometimes. It might as well just be Indonesian that I don't understand yet, but needless to say, the language is definitely getting better.

It sounds like sports have been up and down there. Hopefully they will go the way we want them to. As for the 3rd grade boys basketball team, that could be way funny! Hopefully he enjoys it and can succeed like it sounds like his football team. 

As for this week, work, work, work! We invited EVERYONE to come from conference. We invited all the less actives that we visit, our investigators, and just people that we would meet on the street to come and not a single one showed up even with reminders. It was a little sad and they would have definitely benefited from it. We'll just move on and try to get others to come to church.

This week, Elder Mangum and his companion, Elder Hymas have been a little sick so Elder King and I have been working on not getting sick! I'm not too worried though. 

One of the cool things that I've been able to do quite a few times is give priesthood blessings. A lot of people here do get health problems but they sometimes don't have the money to get to a hospital and take care of it. Elder King and I have had many opportunities to bless others. That has been a wonderful experience.

The work continues on. This week we have PLD, so president and the AP's are coming and it's a 2 day thing. First day consists of interviews and the second is instruction. The whole zone is coming to Solo so that should be fun.  I'm pretty sure the plan on Wednesday night is to play some futsol with everyone! There really isn't a whole lot of opportunity to play sports in our area so when we get the chance, we take it!

One awesome thing that happened this week was Elder King and I had the opportunity to teach I. S., an investigator for the sisters and the ZL's. However, the ZL's were in a different town and the sisters were sick so they gave us the chance to go and teach her. She is amazing! She can only speak Javanese so when we teach her we go very slow and she repeats the words that she understands back to you and then there is a member that can translate into Javanese if needs be. Her spirit is so bright and she smiles the whole time. It was just so awesome! She has a lot of energy and I have no idea how they found her because she lives far right along the river in just a small house. It was awesome! 

It continues to be hot everyday here, but it is so worth it! I've sent quite a few pictures that I think are cool. I hope everything is going well for you all! Remember that Christ lives. There is no power stronger than the power that the Lord gives us. Through him, we can do all things. We need to rely on him even though we may not feel anything because at some point we are going to need it.

With Love,

Elder Hayes

Oh yeah I forgot, Elder King and I saw the trailer for the "Meet the Mormons" movie and to us it looks really good but I'm just curious if any of you have seen it yet and how is it?

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