Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 16 - Zone PLD in Solo, Going to be a Trainer, and 'Thrashing Nations'

Selamat Siang Everybody!!!!!!

First things first, SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN ZACH!!!!!!!! ANDA TUA BANGET!!!!!!

Another hot week has come upon us and usually rainy season is supposed to start in October but it has only rained a total of like 10 minutes a couple weeks ago so we have been really anticipating that to come soon. Not only do we want it to cool things down, but we need it to clean things off too because there is dirt everywhere! However, as far as cities go, Solo is actually one of the cooler ones, there are others that are way hotter!!!! So I'll take that for what it's worth!

On Wednesday and Thursday we had PLD. The whole zone came to Solo and President. On Wednesday we had our interview and he told me that I will be training a new missionary from the MTC already!!! I'm not sure if it's an American or an Indonesian yet, but that has put a little stress on me because I haven't even finished my own training! But, I know that if we just get to work and I do what President told me to do and what our goals as trainers are then he will turn out as a great Elder, I'm sure of it. That will be happening in 2 or 3 weeks. Then on Thursday, we kind of had the classroom day where we got instruction from our leaders and it was all great stuff. I would like to draw your attention to Wednesday night though. If you  can imagine 15 Elders in one house yeah that's all I will say about the matter HAHA!!!

I think I'm pretty adjusted. I got lucky and never really had a problem in the first place which I'm grateful for because I know others get sick and it does not look fun at all!

One thing that happened this week that I never pictured was playing street ball in Indonesia. HAHAHAHA yes street basketball!!! The street ball here is a little different because the culture is so different and everybody is so nice to each other when they play, it's great sportsmanship. But it still contains all the moves and whatever street ballers like to do. With my height it made things a little easy though. It was fun and great exercise. Usually, exercise is sometimes a little hard to do. 

On monday, Elder King thought he was ready to give his first haircut so he proceeded to give Elder Mangum his haircut. It an all reality it wasn't that bad, just not professionally done so that was very funny to witness and clean up!

Elder King and I now have a motto and yes it has scriptural evidence to back it up


Just read D&C 35:13 for your evidence! :)

Other than that, It's just missionary work. For less actives we are going to try and implement Family History to see if we can get anywhere with this because the ultimate goal behind it is to set others sights back on the temple. Our first lesson that we are going to try and use it will be tonight. 

It sounds like you are all busy with everything! Hopefully that keeps up. I haven't eaten anything more weird. Sometimes it is really nice when the whole city knows where you live because we can just text like the juice people and they deliver it to us. 

As ideas for upcoming Christmas and birthday, I'm not really sure. A huge bag of Hi-Chews would be awesome. I'm not really sure other than that but hopefully that will get ideas started. 

I love you all and wish the best for all of you! Keep up the hard work and blessings will come! 

Elder Hayes

The 'Four Elders' in the House

The Entire Zone at Pak Jon's

A Drink of Ginger

The Infamous Haircut w/ Elder King & Magnum

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