Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 14 - Eating Snail, ZTM in Yogyakarta, and Sacrifice Day (Eid al-Adha/Idul Adha)

What the heck is BYU losing for!!?? Anyways, it sounds like conference was all good for you! Unfortunately, we don't get to watch it until next week so I have seen anything. Also, I may not understand it at all too! :( I think the plan next monday though, is to watch it in English so we understand it. 

Anyways, it sounds like everything is going good there and nothing is really changing. Kind of the same goes for here. Here is a little run-down of this week.

Last Monday it was Elder Sinaga's birthday (an Elder in our district) so we celebrated his birthday and had cake and played ping-pong and that was fun. Before that we went to dedicate a grave with the bishop and just the culture behind the whole funeral and other things is way different here. That night, we went to a member's house and we ate snail!! It tasted like beef jerky just a little chewier so that was good.

On Tuesday, it was just a busy day nothing really crazy happened just taught lessons. We didn't have English class like we normally do because the power was out and when the power goes out, the whole entire city is out.

On Wednesday, Elder Hymas from Thornton, Colorado came  so Elder King and I went back to just the two of us. 

On Thursday, we went to Yogyakarta for ZTM by train. That was pretty cool because I hadn't been out of Solo before that. 

On Friday, I had my first split and I was the one leading. I was really nervous at first of getting lost or something going wrong but it was an awesome day!!

Saturday, was sacrifice day. Yes I have a video and pictures and I'm almost 100% sure that you don't want to see those ones. It was really interesting to go and watch something so cultural to the people here. That night, it rained for the first time I've been in Indonesia!! That was exciting and also very dirty.

Sunday, we had the opportunity to eat some of the sacrificed goat and cow. It was really delicious and the people that cooked it for us, we are really great friends with and they are so amazing and love the missionaries.  

Today, we went to 2 waterfalls and they were so AWESOME!!! There was monkeys everywhere and we were high up into the mountains so it wasn't hot or anything is was awesome!!

Well, that is all that really happened this week. We are always busy and working hard so that's a good thing. It sounds like everyone is doing great and I can't wait to hear from you all soon.

Elder Hayes

One of the waterfalls from our P-Day Hike.

Indonesian Cemetery - pictures doesn't do any justice for this cemetery.  

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