Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 13 - Working Sun Up to Sun Down, Giving Blessings, and Putting a Smile On People's Faces

The picture's last week were of Elder Mangum, another Elder in our house. I'm still companions with Elder King. There are 4 Elders in our house, well 3 right now but we get a brand new one from the MTC on Wednesday! Another thing is, you can't tell me anything about conference because we don't get to watch until a week after it comes out so it can be translated. I hope that we will be able to watch it in English too because I only know gospel terms so if they were to tell a story, I would be so lost!!!!!!!! 

All of those pictures looked awesome! Looks like things are are fun and Zach doesn't look too bad in his new glasses! Hopefully with school and other things they are starting to settle in. And as for pictures, I only like to send a little because they have a huge problem with viruses here and I don't want to lose all of my pictures!

This week has been hot as always, it has yet to rain. Elder King and I were sitting at a potential investigators house and there was a newspaper sitting on the table and we were looking at it and in the surrounding cities there are numerous places without water. Rainy season is expected to start here very soon, which I think I have mixed feelings about at this point HAHAHA! Other weekly highlights include:

- Elder Supriyanto, Elder Mangum's companion moved because we are getting a fresh new Elder so we have been a trio
- There was one day where there wasn't a lot of pollution and we could actually see the mountains that are only like 30 minutes away, so I took a picture.
- I have overheard some music in some public places and didn't recognize a single song!
- Another Funeral (later today we are going to go dedicate the grave)
- Giving blessings, which is a powerful thing and Elder King and I have had the opportunity to give a number of them.
- Whenever we visit a member's house we ask about their conversion story and they are all really good and interesting. 
- Another week of working from sun up to sun down

The work is difficult here and re-activating is a whole new challenge. There is someone however that is just waiting for this gospel. We just have to keep doing what we are doing and they will show up. 

I love this whole new experience. This is something that can never be imagined. A mission is lived and everyday you never know what is going to happen. One thing that I never pictured myself doing that I do is sing in the choir. It's the norm for the missionaries to sing with them and whenever we show up to something cultural or they see us playing or something they just want to shake our hands and join us because it's a huge honor to them. On Saturday night, we have a sports night and we played beach volleyball where we got to meet some people who just had a great time playing and wanting to play with us some more.

There is nothing better than just talking with someone and seeing the smile on their face. IT's awesome. I love you all and hope things get better and continue to get better. 

With love,

Elder Hayes

Elder Supriyanto and I with our glasses

Finally got to see the mountains because there wasn't as much pollution that day

Thankful for clean rivers at home - but a little taste of the tropical foliage

Yellow Watermelon (Enak Banget (Delicious))

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