Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 12 - Wild Monkeys, Miracles, and the Plan of Salvation


I'm so grateful for all the support that I receive from all of you. I have a slight confession, my spelling and English grammar is getting worse and worse everyday. It's because the Indonesian language! It sounds like crazy things are happening all around the lives of you all.

First, it is sad to hear that Great Grandma has passed on. However, there is a plan of Salvation and through that along with the ordinances that take place, she will be with her Heavenly Father in a state of Paradise. That state of Paradise is probably a lot better than Earth life right now for her. It's important that we have a church that can answer these questions for us so that we aren't so set on someone being lost forever or suffering but someone that is rejoicing. Why anybody wouldn't want to hear a message of rejoicing, I don't know. 

Next item of business is the fact that Kiersten has her license. Yeah, I'm so glad that I'm on the other side of the world for that one. :) But then again it sounds like you are happy because she doesn't have to be driven around by anyone and she can take Kaitlyn. NOTE FOR KIERSTEN: Don't kill anyone and be safe. I need the truck alive for when I get back! :)

It sounds like everything in the sports world is just going great for all the teams that I like!!! YAHOOO!!!!!! Hopefully that keeps that up.

I did finally get the package. President Donald came to Solo on Saturday and he brought it with him. Thank You so much!!! The candy was probably gone in under an hour HAHAHA!!!!!! So I'm sending out letters later today. 

Last Monday, we watched Lego Movie and I thought it was great!! There were some really funny parts and Zach would love it! We played basketball. And to top it off, I ate a whole pint of ice cream at one sitting and it was delicious! :) Tuesday, we ran into someone who wanted to debate with us and we fell into the trap but quickly left because the spirit had no way of entering at all, we simply bore our testimonies and then left. On Wednesday, I SAW MY FIRST WILD MONKEYS!!!! Here in Solo wild monkeys are really rare. However, when I went to get the camera to take a picture, they were swinging all over in the trees down the street away from us so I couldn't quite get one but it was the craziest/coolest thing!

The rest of the week was teaching and talking to others. My weeks are usually around the same thing HAHAHA!!! 

Zach what the heck dude!!! I better get a picture of you with your glasses!! Hopefully those will help you out and it sounds like there was a little miracle with that. When you're following the Lord's commandments and doing things right miracles happen. I see them all the time here. One night, we were finished getting dinner about to head home and in our mission motto the last thing says "one more contact" so I just simply told a man "goodnight" he proceeded to turn around and tell us exactly who were are. We asked him if he was a member and he said yes and hasn't been to church for 25 years. We haven't had the time to meet with him yet but we really want to and it was because of that one last contact that we found someone that was less active and we would have never found him if we never opened his mouth. That was one miracle.

The other miracle was in the middle of the day. We had stopped on the side of the road to make some phone calls when a man that we had contacted in the park that we clean every Thursday morning walks up to us. He has the Restoration pamphlet and it looks like he has had that thing for years even though it has only been a couple days. He said it was wonderful and asked if we had any more things for him to read and study. We gave him the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. He is originally from Bali but he is looking for a house to rent. Whoever teaches him which will either be us or the sisters has an investigator that is learning on his own will which is amazing. I know that the Lord put him in our path so that we could give him more to study. 

That sums up my week basically. Today we are going to go play futsol!!!! :)

I hope everything is going well and things will continue to go well.

Elder Hayes

Playing a little Basketball! 
I'm definitely buying one one of these when I get back 

Saw this guy doing some crazy things on the Motorcycle

Elder Mangum eating freshly made Sambal which is super spicy, needless to say, he was crying and sweating for a while 

Elder Mangum climbing through the window 

We now know we can escape through the window in case of a fire.

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