Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 11 - Funeral, Mangos, Missionary Work and a Few Bug Bites.

This week was sooooooooooo HOT!!!!! Everyday was the struggle. I haven't seen any rain yet. Here in Solo they say that the rainy season comes whenever and ends whenever so we are anticipating it to start anytime soon now! Then I will know what it truly means to be baptized. :) Elder King and I have been trying to build up a decent teaching pool because the people we have been going to are not going anywhere. They are so set on the ways of their Fathers that to change their hearts something really has to change. This week we've seen at least three people who really want to read the Book of Mormon and we gave out 4 others and some of these people are really great. One of them is high up in another church and has a huge knowledge of not only the Bible, but also the Al Qur'an and the Hindu Book so once he reads the Book of Mormon, I think he will see the truthfulness. Another we handed out to a man who has had a broken leg for 4 years but doesn't have the money to get it fixed. He has the most faith I've seen out of anyone here. Just talking with him and listening to him was awesome and he also wants to read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully things will take off soon.
Other than that this week includes the following highlights:

- Mango season is in full swing and boy are they absolutely delicious!
- We dealt with the 7-way intersection that has train tracks running right through the middle of it and no traffic lights (and yes I didn't think they existed either until here) AKA Intersection from hell
-  We inhaled more pollution as always
-  Signs of the times
-  So many bug bites that I can't count them all :(
-  A funeral
-  AND ROTI BAKAR (Fried bread that's to die for!!!!!!)

The funeral was eye opening. The lady was 88 years old and she was the mother of one of the sisters in the ward. We have been going to that house frequently to work with the sister's son because he is less-active but a really great guy. But they just hold the funeral in the house and the whole entire street shuts down which is a miracle in Indonesia but also common. Inside the house is the open casket and people of christian beliefs and outside were others of various religions. It was so different but yet so normal for them. They had the funeral that day after she died so I think all they do is shower the body and dress it. Then the people here just look different than in America. Not going to lie, probably one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. That ate the whole day.

To answer your question about laundry, our house actually has the best machine in the entire mission because it's from a mission couple and they were getting rid of it so we took it and it is glorious! For food, we feed ourselves but the food on the street is so dang good and so cheep that we most of the time just buy from there. The members in our ward feed us too much hahaha! If you go to a member's house they feed you even if they don't have any money and we feel so bad but they force it upon us. I may not know what I'm eating, but I'm still alive so that's all that matters!

On 9/11 Elder King and I wore Red, white, and blue! Other than that, we're just grindin!

I love to hear all of the things that are going on back home such as BYU getting another win and Tuscarora doing their thing. We work from sun up to sun down. 

I hope everything is going great with all of you! I love and miss you all! If you have any questions, please ask. Things here are amazing and this is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!

With love,

Elder Hayes
Elder Hayes & Elder King - Sporting Red, White & Blue for September 11th

A well that's give or take 50 feet deep that we draw water from for a member

Sign of the Times.  :)
Lending a Hand

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