Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 9 - Reactivation Activities, Good Bread, and Right Place Right Time.

WOW, WHAT A WEEK!!!! Indonesia is the bomb, even though I sweat through my white shirts not even 20 minutes outside the door! Sounds like things with all of you are going great and it is the best to hear that Tuscarora won! Hopefully they stay that way! I'll try to fit everything about this week that was good that I can, but it's a lot.
I'll start with last night. You're probably thinking why in the world would I start with last night, but with a long week and two Elders ready to go home and just sleep knowing that today is P-day, you can imagine our attitudes. To go along with that, the only person we had left to go see was Brother H. Brother H received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1990 and hasn't been to church since so the situation is bad. He has one of the hardest hearts out of anyone I have met thus far here. When we got there, he invited us in and refused to listen to anything we said. Elder King, my companion, lets just say took him through a journey through the bible. HAHAHA Afterwards of constant praying during the lesson and debate, all he could do was laugh and asked where we went to school. We laughed back and told him we taught ourselves. Him and his wife accepted the Book of Mormon and we hope sometime soon he will remember the covenants he made 25ish years ago. The spirit was so strong that I can't even put into words everything that went on. 

Earlier in the week, we had an investigator accept the commitment to baptism but history with her includes, 4 different husbands and one child with each husband. So, this week we are going to hand her off to the sisters to see if she really wants to learn or if she is just looking for a white husband, which is mad creepy! Other than that, she is very knowledgeable with the Book of Mormon.
Other lessons include rejection and the same general problem here that most of them believe that if their church believes in Christ and our church believes in Christ that we are all the same. If we both believe in the Bible we are all good, we just believe in more "Words of God." It is the consistent problem here. 

To answer some of all your questions........ We do have a church service like in America just the buildings are a little different but they are real churches and we do have bread. As a matter of fact, the bread here is sooooo good. I don't really know why, but it is. We serve in a ward and there are about 50-60 that are active but there is 200 total. REALLY SAD!!! Elder King teaches Gospel principles each Sunday and I usually just add a few things and we teach English twice a week.The church is about a 5 minute bike ride from our house so not that far. Hopefully these answered some of your questions that you wanted to know.
One more story. Sorry for the UN-organization of my emails, I only have an hour and I have so much to say. Saturday morning while making plans for the day, Elder King found a name Brother S. Next to his name, it said DO NOT TRY TO FIND. His address was from mojosongo. Elder King and I were a little sad because that's the name we wanted to talk to. We just moved on from that name. Later that day we were proselyting and the area we were in is said to be RED ZONE which means missionaries aren't usually welcome because of other religious backgrounds so we were very careful. We were leaving and we hear, "Elder!!!" Only members of the church and past investigators know that name. He said he knew the name from his friend in mojosongo. Right before we left, we asked him his name and he said, P. S! So, we don't know if he is a less active but we have a strong feeling that he is and we actually found him accidentally. Later this week we will follow up with him and find out.

I have a few more pictures this week and hope things back home continue to go well for you all. Seek the Lord in all that you do. Open your mouth with others because they are curious and always keep me up to date.

Love you all and miss you a lot!

Elder Hayes

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