Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 10 - A Bible a Bible, Advice to Siblings, and 'Oh Crap They Found Me!'

Selamat Pagi!!

This week's emails and pictures were amazing! Thank You so much!!!!!!!! Hearing and reading what's going on is amazing! Plus it's always good to hear that BYU is thrashing and Tuscaroa. Hopefully BYU can keep that up!! Keep the updates coming because we get none of that HAHAHA!!!
Kiersten-- Good work with soccer! I still think that you should try out for the school team and hopefully that the basketball is going well. I never get to play basketball here. They love soccer here, but I never really get to play it in my area so to workout, I jump rope and do push-ups and pull-ups and body-weight stuff. I hope behind the wheel goes well for you as mom and dad really want you to get your license, just don't kill anyone. Hopefully school is going great for you. I still haven't heard who your teachers are. Who are they? Hopefully, you are keeping lists of things that I need to try and do when I get back! Saya mengasihi anda!!!

Kaitlyn- SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN!!!!!!!!! (Happy Birthday) I won't write you before your birthday so I have to do it now. Hopefully High School hasn't been to hard to get used to and you're liking it. My advice for you is to do all of your homework. My other advice is use your FLEX because I got so much homework done during that time. I love you and hopefully basketball and softball will go good for you.

Zach- DUDE! YOU STOLE MY BACKPACK!!!!! HAHA hopefully you're liking school. You have to tell me about all the sports. I've heard your football team is doing pretty well. Tell Mr. Opawski hello for me. Tell him that they don't wear bow ties in Indonesia! I love you bud and hopefully things keep going well for you.

Mom and Dad and everyone else- you get the general email until I get your letters and can handwrite those. Anyways this week we ran into rejection after rejection after rejection. We were struggling for lessons and every lesson that we get, they agree with EVERYTHING we say but then say no, I have a bible and as a matter of fact, most of them haven't even read the bible so when we run into someone who actually knows the bible it makes us happy because we can show them that a Bible isn't enough and their hearts are so hard that it's tough. The only somewhat decent investigator we had was crazy and wanted to marry us so we gave her to the Sisters. We continue to talk to new people everyday just trying to get someone to take a Book of Mormon. Also, we try reactivate like crazy. This week, we went to someone new and when we should up the Sister's face was priceless. It was the expression of "Oh Crap they found me!" It was funny. 

We had ZTM and other spots in our mission are doing really well. I was able to meet the other missionaries in our zone and that was cool. 

One cool thing that some of the members got to do was take a trip of about 50 and go to the temple in that Philippines and take out their endowments and spend a whole week there and do temple work. It's really exciting for them because other than that they don't have the money to go otherwise. 

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful week. And if you are complaining about the heat I'm just going to laugh because here it is ridiculously hot always. I usually don't realize I'm sweating until I sit down at someone's house and it just runs down my face. Hopefully this week will go better work wise.

I hope things there will start to work out. Eventually they will and you'll be glad you had the challenges that you had.

Saya Mengasihi anda semau!!!

Elder Hayes

Taman (Garden)

View From the House

Another View From House

My Desk

A Restaurant in Solo

Elder Hayes with Sister Sperry who is also from the Ashburn Stake

Eating a Chicken Foot

Elder King - Current Companion
Elder Hayes & Others at Zone Training Meeting

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