Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 27 - A New Bike, Getting Hands Read, A Huge Blessing from a Simple Act.

Selamat Pagi semuanya!!!!!

There are a few important things to get out of the way first. That is that Wendy's IS NOT THE SAME!!!!! I was so excited to go to Wendy's last monday and get a frosty. I walked in and asked and they said that they don't sell frostys!!! That was a bummer but just an item of business that I had to say.

This past week has had its ups and downs. On Tuesday I had to buy a new bike. My last bike broke and ever where I took it they couldn't fix it. The new bike is really nice!!!! No issues with the gears and the brakes and it allows us to work!!! Later that day I was on a split and worked in another area.The story goes:

                  The other ward has a member that's not active and apparently he can read hands. I asked him to read my hand and he said that a lot of people will be very thankful for me and that later a lot of people will like me. He said when I want to get married that I will have plenty of options because so many people will like me."

I think with that hand reading and my patriarchal blessing, I am set! :)

On New Years it was just a typical day but us missionaries tried to celebrate by ourselves. We went to a place called Tiga Tjeret and ate there. At 9 we went home and actually just went straight to bed. However the power went out and when the power goes out it is not fun because there is no A/C no nothing and it gets miserable. We turned the light on so that when the power came on we would wake up and turn on the A/C. At 11:58 PM the power came back on and all we heard was fireworks and celebrating outside the house. We turned on the A/C said happy new year to eachother and fell back asleep. I guess you could count that as a little miracle because we were up for the new year.

As far as the work goes this week it was a little slow because barely anybody was home and still on vacation visiting family. However, yesterday two members who have been less active for a very long time came!!!!!!! I visit these people every week and they finally came. I was so happy and it was a huge blessing to me. Hopefully they will continue to come. It is a small reward of hard work and with the light of Christ they will come back.

The other day I got a package from the Todd's for Christmas!! Even though it was sent like a month and a half ago it arrived in one piece. It contained candy of various sorts and a "Fortune Strong" shirt! I am very grateful for that so please give my thanks to them.

It sounds like things are going good. Finding expensive truffles, driving a new car, and new callings. I hope things continue to get better. Love and miss you all!

If I'm not wrong transfers might come at the end of this month so we will see!

Oh yeah one more thing. So in India a law has been passed that everybody must return or convert to Hindu. Right now here in Indonesia there is talk of people trying to pass a law that prohibits people outside the country to teach religion. President asked us to focus our fast on that and fast as a mission so that something like this won't happen because that affects this whole mission as more than half of the missionaries are from outside Indonesia. We want this work to continue because it is the work of the Lord. 

Elder Hayes

On the side, every lesson we go into asks about the plane but because we don't get news as missionaries I don't know a lot about it. All I heard was that it was lost and they found it and there were no survivors. 

New Years Eve Dinner!

Contacting on the Bus

Me and my companion

Just Messing Around

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