Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 28 - ZTM in Djogia, A Murphy's Law Kinda Week, and The Power of Youth

Hello Family!!!!!

This week was another week of hard work!! Even though there was a lot of hardship and rejection there came blessings. One of which happened on Tuesday. All of our lessons and plans had failed not even 30 minutes after eating lunch. WHAT THE HECK WERE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?? We called one of our investigators that we usually visit on Wednesdays and he said that he could meet. We biked there and he said this is perfect yesterday I wasn't here but I'm here today and we can meet. Last week we taught him about the word of Wisdom and we followed up as missionaries do. In his words, "Maybe when I die I can stop smoking and drinking coffee." We immediately testified to him and asked how his progress has been so far. He said that he went from smoking 2 packs a day to now only 1 pack a day and 7 cups of coffee to 3. We were very happy to see his progress and little by little he will be able to give it up. He said he wants to be baptized and eventually will be baptized, but he won't pick any date. He won't come to church until he is following all the other commandments first because he is scared of sinning against God. I guess in a way that is good but also there are a few things he must do too. He is awesome and it was a blessing that day!

Our house was really dirty and unorganized so we "spring cleaned" you could call it. Now our house is super clean!!!!! The brother who owns our house saw us cleaning and was super impressed and took all the trash for us so we didn't have to deal with it. 

Here is an example of how our days went this week. Everything fails so we pick a proselyting activity. We decide we want to proselyte on the Angkot. We get on and there is only one person on it, however it is already a member that is active! HAHAHAHA

On Friday we had ZTM in Djogja. It's always fun to ride the train and see other cities like that. It was a great meeting just leading up to the PLD meeting we have on the 20-21st of this month. 

One last story. There is a less active youth who is 15 years old. Since I've been here I've gone to his house almost every week and only met him maybe 3 total times. He disobeys his parents and isn't in the best situation. We made like a sports night as missionaries so we play futsal every Saturday night and youth, investigators, and whoever wants to come can come. We tried inviting him to that but he didn't come. We asked one of the youth in the ward if he could invite him and he said that he would try. He didn't come the first week that he tried but 2 weeks ago he came and seemed to enjoy himself. 2 weeks ago he didn't come to church. :( Well, on Saturday, he came to the futsal activity again with the same youth and we all invited him to church again. Yesterday he came to church and was laughing and joking and having fun with the other youth. Later when we went to his house the youth that have been helping came and we were able to meet with him. He has become great friends with the youth and I see him serving a mission in the future if he continually comes which I think, hope, and pray he will do.His parents were vary happy as well. This is one blessing that happened this week as well. 

One other less active came so yesterday we had a total of 2 come and they are different than the 2 that came last week! 

It hasn't rained a whole lot this past week which means it has been HOT!!!!! 

just a few notes:

-It's crazy that Jacob is married!!!  
-I still get bit by mosquitoes occasionally 
- THE GREENE'S ARE MOVING, what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Next pinewood derby just add rocket boosters

As for today, we have plans to visit a couple Buddhist or Hindu temples that are very old and maybe a waterfall so that will be fun. 

I miss you all and love you all!!!

Elder Hayes
Fortune Strong!
P-Day at the Mall

An Indonesian Sunset

A kid in the primary who makes me laugh! 
A Street in My Area
Jalan Malioboro - Popular Shopping area in Yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro - Popular Shopping area in Yogyakarta
Arriving in Jogja

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