Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 33 - Hot & Wet, Grateful for McDonald's Delivery, and Some Korean Ping Pong

Selamat Siang semuanya!

This week has been a good week. There is so much potential in Surabaya, now it just needs to be worked on and grow. As for the weather you have nailed it on the spot, HOT and WET!!! So you are either sweating or soaked, I don't think there is a dry time. The heat however helps the clothes dry almost instantly even though the clothes may look dirtier after washing than they did before! :) 

As for this week there are just a few things I will share. The first is that I am grateful for McDonald's delivery! One night my companion and I were teaching a few lessons so we hadn't eaten since earlier that morning so we were starving. We stopped by all the places on the street that we normally would stop by and ALL of them had already run out of food. After trying 4 or 5 places and it already late we decided that it would be better if we went home and planned. As we did we tried to call McD's but the phone was busy and we weren't able to order. Eventaully, the phones cleared up and we were able to make the phone call and save ourselves of hunger. Thank ypu McD's delivery!

I tried the BEST sate ayam I have had in Indonesia this week and now know where to buy it!! It's spicy and sweet and is just satisfying!

We are continuing to work with S and with the Korean Elders. This past week we were able to pick a baptism date for March 1st and he is very excited!!!!! His mom has been coming back to church with him and things are going perfectly with them, Lately, he has been busy because he has been preparing to head back to Korea in either June and July and he is trying to get into a good high school there so he has been preparing to take some big English tests to get into these schools!! When we visited him this last week his aunt and his mom were kind enough to make us korean food and it was soooo good!!! It was like a curry thing and couldn't tell you the name but it was so good. It started to rain at that time so they had us stay over a little longer and they moved the kitchen table over pulled out ping-pong paddles and you best believe we played ping-pong on the kitchen table. If you can imagine 2 korean ladies watching ping-pong that's how it was HAHAHAHA!!!! He is so awesome and I love working with him amd seeing his progress.

A few days ago it was Valentines day and sadly as missionaries we don't really get valentines but one of the little primary girls gave me chocolates so that was awesome!!! :)))

I'm still learning the streets of a big city and sometimes it is frustrating and other times I have the hang of it. My companion. Elder S, is awesome and loves being out here. When someone needs to laugh, they usually go to him he is quite the jokester!! 

About the piano, there is usually 1 or 2 people in every ward or branch here that can play. The one here in Surabaya is 12 years old and she is a piano prodigy. Saying that she can twinkle the ivory is an understatement. With that being said, I will say that I have been able to pick up the piano pretty fast on my mission. I can play a couple hymns and the rest I would just have to take time and practice. 

It's awesome to hear about A. The first step is getting the friend and she already has the friend. Now she just needs the missionaries. To be honest one of the best time for the missionaries, I don't know about there, but here is right after church. You just pick a room, you're already at the church, and they can teach with a member present. 

Hopefully Zach feels better soon!!!

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

Elder Hayes

Striking a Pose for Valentines Day

Ping Pong
Some Awesome Korean Food.

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