Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 31 - Kitas Renewal in Jakarta, Heading to Surabaya, and Jesus The Christ

Hello Everybody,

So I am officially writing this email in Jakarta. Last night I took a plane from Solo to Jakarta because earlier we renewed our Kitas. Usually they last for a year but ours were weird and only lasted 6 months so who knows the next time I will be back here. I'm a little stuffed up so that made the last part of that plane ride just not that fun at all. I think I'm stuffed because this last week my companion has been sick! To go along with that, when we arrived at the airport and looked for a taxi we took the first when that we found because there was just lots of people. We got in and it was a little sketchy. There was no company name on the car and on the inside there was no meter and no credentials for the driver. A little sketchy but we made it safely even though he asked for a ridiculous price! I bargained a little bit and got the price down to where it should be, so I'm pretty proud of a successful bargain! :)  I should be leaving sometime tomorrow to head to Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia, the hottest and LOTS and LOTS of people. It will definitely be a huge change but I'm excited. 

Just a quick note that Sister Sperry will be flying home sometime this week so maybe you can keep an eye out for her and meet her and ask her questions too.

This last week in Solo I have just been making sure that Elder B knows the houses and the streets and visiting a few last people. Being able to train him was such an uplifting, new experience. The culture here is way different and when you mix it with the culture that we come from, it is 2 different worlds. Yesterday, sitting at the airport I was thinking that there is probably a handful of members from my last ward that don't even know where the airport is even though it is only like 20 minutes away. Things are just different here. I will miss how cheap the food is in Solo. We are talking like 50-60 cents a meal!!! 

Today, I renewed my kitas and I think the plan for later is to go ice skating at the mall, hopefully we don't get lost, :)

Other than that not much happened this week. I did forget a story in last weeks email but I'll tell it this week. So one night on our way home we stopped at the little convenient store to buy like a snack and a drink. On my way in this little crazy lady comes up and just grabs my arm and starts reaching for my nose. I was shocked and it took me a little while to process what the heck she was saying as she was yelling, "INDAH, INDAH, INDAH, INDAH!!!" It means beautiful but the whole nose grabbing was awkward. The ladies holding the door open for my were just standing with a blank stare not knowing what the heck they just witnessed and the others in the store were dying laughing. On the way out the cashier walked outside as the lady was preparing to attack again and told her not to do it in Javenese and we went on our merry way. Well, when we returned to the store she was there again and she stood up to attack but we slipped in just in time. Once again on the way out the cashier had to tell her not to approach. When it happened I was a little freaked out but afterwards it is just a really funny thing that happened.   

I am currently studying "Jesus The Christ" and let me tell you that it is a LIFE CHANGING book. It just takes the most simple things of the life of Jesus Christ and breaks it down even more and it is just wonderful!!! If you haven't read it, you may want to look into it. I tell you, LIFE CHANGING!!!

Well my next email will be in Surabaya so until then Mari!!

Elder Hayes

Maybe one of the nastiest fruits.....Durian

P J and his sister--- some of the best people to know in Indonesia
One last pic with the elders in the solo house!!

Solo House

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