Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 34 - A Quick Move Across Town, A New District Leader, An Open Sewer System (Yuck)

Hello everybody!!!

I would first off like to thank everybody for the stories and all the crazy things that are happening there. They all made me laugh and I don't think they will happen to me here as it is blazing hot and rains like none other!!!

As for this week, on Wednesday morning I got a call from President saying that my companion and I were moving from the Surabaya branch to the Surabaya Timur branch and that I was going to be DL in the district here.That definitely was a surprise especially when I was just starting to get close to all the members and start to learn the area so no I didn't get to use any danish phrases and all that because I moved! However, President has given us permission to still work with S until he is baptized which if all goes as plans is next week! :) This week has been a tough one I went from one side of the city where the work is on fire to the other side where we have only a couple investigators which is better than nothing but it's a big change!! Everything as a DL is new to me too. The branch here in Surabaya Timur has GREAT leadership the only problem is they don't have enough people to do everything. They are working there best and are looking for a lot of help from the missionaries. This move only required a taxi so not even a plane this time! :))

I have found the closest thing to American Ice cream and that would be Dairy Queen!!!!!!! Man was that tasty to the tongue!!! As for new places to eat, there is a Carl's Jr. not too far from the new house and is actually in my new area so I may have to try it out sometime. There was a question if I cook. The food here is soooooo cheap that usually I just buy it off the street but here in Surabaya it is a little more expensive so I think I may start cooking more frequently!! 

To give an idea of when it rains, if you can imagine a hurricane with high winds for about 2 hours then you know how it rains here. Yes, it truly rains sideways!!!! :) With that being said, it FLOODS almost daily!!! We usually end up riding our bikes in places where the water is up to our shins and it does not make for a fun experience with the shoes and socks!!! Also, if you think of what is in the actual water that can be a little disturbing too.... I will just say they have an open sewer system here! 

Other than that, this week has been my companion and I proselyting and learning streets because we are white washing here. I think later today we are going to venture off to one of the gigantic malls here and see maybe what Hugo Boss has to offer or something like that!!! ;)

I know this may sound totally weird but the most spiritual experience this week was actually in one of my dreams. President Donald has asked our mission to read the Book of Mormon in 80 days so we read 3 chapters everyday and we started on Saturday. Well everybody has read the Nephi story about a 100 times because they read that and then start over and start over again in their lives. Well we were reading it and that night I like dreamed the story but in modern times with like texting and all that good stuff. I woke up with a complete remembrance of it and just had the chills. It sounds really weird but it was totally cool!!! 

Well, I'll leave you all to the butt cold as I'm sweating just writing this email. I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

Elder Hayes

Normal Flooding in Surabaya

Normal Flooding in Surabaya
My Companion with his Self Portrait

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