Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 35 - Looking for People to Teach, Finding the Tender Mercies in the Small Things

Many of you are anticipating baptismal photos but I hate to say that S's baptism did not happen. There are a few things that he has to learn and understand a little more before he steps into the water. He, as a 16 year old who has the greatest desire to get baptized was very frustrated! With his baptism not happening, he has officially become the investigator of the Elders that just moved there. I am very sad to not work with him but hope the very best for him and he will get to where he wants to go, it is just a matter of time.

With that happening and still an area that is fairly new we don't have very many other people to teach so we proselyte EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG! One of the days my companion and I were very frustrated because nothing was happening. Nobody was listening, everybody was running just a terrible day. At night where it is unpolite to actually proselyte in their home areas we decided to go to a park that is always crowded at night. Even though nobody wanted to listen there we were actually able to talk to people because they would just come up and take photos with me so even though nothing came out of it, we were able to at least talk to people. 

The very next day, it started off the same way. We met people and they just wanted none of it and the ones that we were able to get into their house they were all very hard-hearted and just thought they could prove us wrong. We kindly left those houses and were tired so we wanted to change areas to proselyte. As we were getting our bikes that we parked a little ways a way a man pulls up on his scooter and asks, "From what church?" We responded and he didn't really have a reaction. We asked if he had a moment to talk at his house which was the area we just proselyted and were told that there were no Christians. He invited us over and we shared the first lesson. We didn't know why but both of us focused on the family a lot in the first lesson. After the lesson, this man said that he has been looking for a church that focuses on the family and has teachings that are in accordance with his own beliefs. His family is still very young as he is 35 and he has two kids that are 6 and 10. He accepted the commitment to come to church and read the Book of Mormon. Sunday came around and about 45 minutes before church he sent us a text saying that he was unable to come because a family member had passed away over night. This is by far the biggest tender mercy this week and a miracle. My companion will be working close with this family and look forward to what the future has in store for them. Later that night I was listening to conference talks randomly and the talk by Elder Bednar about Tender Mercies came on. Needless to say I was almost in tears.

As for other investigator stories go. We found basically a golden investigator but turns out he lives in another area. The last story I have was a man just on the street. He was wearing a Washington Redskins shirt so I literally stopped in the middle of the road, in the middle of traffic to contact this guy. Turns out he is Christian and we were able to teach him two days after that. Things are starting to pick up and the days were we feel left alone are turning into miracles.

One day we were trying to find a less active member that a set of Elders had taught about a year ago. When we found the address the lady said that he passed away. When I asked how long ago, she replied 4 years ago. Making the situation awkward we left and are going to find the less active that was taught a little less than a year ago but apparently passed away about 4 years ago. HAHAHA :)

It sounds like Kiersten and her team are on their way to something amazing. I remember playing in states for soccer and just the feeling of getting that far and playing on a stage that big was a great feeling. I will say that losing does suck so DON'T LOSE!!!!! 

Earlier there were some questions:

Yes I did take out money earlier this week. The fact that it was only $75 caught me by surprise because that means the value of the dollar is going up and here it seems cheaper. Our house does have A/C in the room that we sleep in. Where we study and all the other places we each have a fan. It is so hot here that I usually sweat even with my fan on. I have not received the Valentines box and as for things that I really miss there is a lot but just things that I don't necessarily need right now.

I love you all and thank you for your support!!

Elder Hayes

If you know who got into what schools that would be cool to here!!! :)

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