Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 39 - Savior's Love is Infinite, Panas Banget (It's Very Hot), and Just a Good Week.

Hello All!!

 The pictures in Florida look great and it looks like you are having a great time. The temperature has shot up here in Surabaya hence I put my head into the freezer. To give you a glimpse of how hot, it never feels like you have showered. You shower, get dressed while already sweaty, and then when you sit down, sometimes the fan isn't enjoyable because it just blows super hot air. Thank goodness for the one room that has AC in the house! :)

This week my companion started out with some allergic reaction that put a toll on his body but a few medicines put an end to that and then it was back to work, work, work!!!! This week was awesome!!! As missionaries we can't go door to door so we just talk to people on the street or red lights or wherever. Well this week we got a lesson from just handing a guy a pass along cars at a red light. I'm not sure he is totally interested but a blessing to get something out of a 5 second red light contact!

 Also this week we had a night where things had all canceled so we went to the park to proselyte. While there we got a phone call and the guy on the other end ended up dialing the wrong number. You would think that it would stop with that and we ended up texting him for a little. He wasn't interested but he gave us a referral. It was a mini miracle to get a contact and a referral from somebody that we had never in our entire life ever met. We haven't been able to get a hold of the referral but who knows what will happen this week!!

One day to pick our proselyting spot my companion and I closed our eyes and pointed to the map. Wherever we pointed that was the same was the spot that we wanted to proselyte. Lo and behold we got a spot not knowing what was there except that it was a FAR bike ride! We went to the area talked to 2 people got 2 lessons out of it! The first family may be a little interested and the second guy clearly took his stand that he isn't interested! When we were there we were told that the bridge to Madura was right around the corner. Lo and behold right around the corner was the bridge to Madura. Madura is a totally whole different island and they have their own language too and I occasionally hear it here in Surabaya!! We took those pictures and then had our English class that night!!

With this week of work things are starting to pick up a little! We are finding more people and things are getting good.

Yesterday, the other Elders in our ward had a baptism and that was such a spiritual experience to see and hopefully just gets the whole branch fired up to do missionary work as well!!

I did finish Jesus the Christ and WOW!!!! That book has totally changed my perspective on things and has strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ SOO MUCH!!!! I know that his love for us is INFINITE! As the human race we cannot even comprehend INFINITE unless you're like supernatural or something!!! I'm excited for general conference whenever I will have the chance to hear it!!! We have a prophet in these last days that leads and guides us just like the prophets of old because we have a Heavenly Father who loves us! 

As for the CTR rings I have plans to hand them out to some of the kids in the families that I teach and maybe some of the primary kids. I haven't yet but that is the plan. 

In conclusion, It's PANAS BANGET!!! The work is starting to pick up, the church is true, I'm holding you to your word for that family vacation when I get back and it turns out that revelation for a March Madness bracket is not in the realm of a missionary!!! 

Elder Hayes

P.S. someone can eat a french pastry for me 

Bridge to Madura

Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere!

My Companion and I with R.
Bridge to Madura 
Bridge to Madura


Sometimes I just need to stick my head in the freezer to cool off.

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