Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 38 - Patience, Integrity Toward the Faith, and Small and Simple Things.

Selamat Pagi from the island of Java!!!

This past week I continue to learn the principle of patience because I do not have it!! We had a zone meeting on Friday and each companionship in the zone was assigned to teach a topic and our companionship had the assignment to teach patience and that was the one principle I wanted to sit and learn about. Obviously, I still need to learn something about patience!! 

This past week my companion has been sick off and on so it has been hard to leave the house some days but he is hanging in there. As he has been resting to try and get better I have had the opportunity to listen and read older conference talks and that is always something inspiring. One quote that I picked out and liked a lot earlier this week was given by Elder Holland and it goes a little something like this, 

The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue, it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know."  

I thought this was cool and for any missionary or any person because there are things that will happen that test us and as long as we act on just the littlest belief we will be blessed. This sentence gives me comfort because it doesn't matter where I stand as long as I have the INTEGRITY towards what I have. I am a very blessed person and without a savior I would be nowhere!!! 

As far as people that we have worked with this week it included a lot of the less-actives and a new member. Surabaya is such a big city that some of our appointments can be 1 hr. 30 min. away!! The culture and the people here are so different than they were in Solo. In Solo they CANNOT say "No." Here we have a younger group of people because of the big universities and the people are a little more straight forward here and will tell you straight up that they don't want it. Here is one contact story this week: 

There was a man sitting down in the park and we right away just started talking to him and he also attends one of the churches here in Surabaya. He was wearing sunglasses and started off a little harsh not wanting to talk to me but he told a story that when he was in high school he tried to go to other churches but didn't find anything so he stayed at his church. I started talking to him about Priesthood authority and a prophet and the Book of Mormon and a restored church. He proceeded to take off his sunglasses and open up and hear more about what we had to say needless to say he is already high up in the church he attends. As soon as his wife came over she told us that they didn't want it. The husband looked a little confused but they left.

The power of things so simple touch the hearts of everybody. I know that the guy will ponder what we told him!!!

The rainy season may be slowing down a little bit as the heat has been picking up in Surabaya and it is getting HOT!!! Don't get me wrong it still rains!!! I'm sure my companion will love the jacket and there is still plenty of time to use it for him because he has longer than I do!! 

I love you ALL!!!

Elder Hayes

photoshoot coming home - soaked!! 

A Little March Madness

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