Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 36 - Talking to Everybody We See, The Belief that All Churches are the Same, and Carl's Jr.

Apa Kabar semuanya?!

This week has had some huge tests of patience and growth! As a district we had about 10 people commit to come to church and not a single one came! We spent most of our time this week proselyting and finding more people. Everybody and there family will let us in and listen to the message. However, in Indonesia, EVERY CHURCH IS THE SAME!! That mindset has been the hardship of the work here. Even people of other religions say that it is all the same! So that challenge has and will still be the challenge of a mission! 

As for news with the other people. We have not actually been able to meet with the family again because he has been working overtime like crazy. Seungdo is actually in America this month so I won't hear news about him for a while. We have been trying to meet with the Washington
Redskins contact but he hasn't been answering his phone so hopefully this week will get better.

In other news, this week there were splits with the ZL's and we just talked to everyone and that we saw. It didn't matter if we were riding a bike or what we talked to EVERYONE!! We met some pretty interesting people and had an interesting day. One of our first contact's husband had passed away 100 days ago. We talked a little about the Plan of Salvation. On the street this lady began to cry and said we can come back another time and share a message but it's all the same! We met a guy who just started listing off random facts in American history in English. We went to his house and talked to his 87 year old mom who repeated the same sentence probably about 10 times before we were able to leave. Later that night, it started pouring and flooding and it was dark. We couldn't see anything so we stopped and ended up at a barber shop. There were 3 other people waiting there too. They asked if we would like to smoke with them and we right away talked about the Word of Wisdom and said that we have a way to stop smoking. One of the other guys said if you have a way or belief to stop smoking is there a way you can extend my life to 125 years old. !20 isn't enough but 125 sounds about right. We looked at each other puzzled and just went right into the Plan of Salvation. After explaining that he gave the pamphlet back and told us it was just the same. 

We have had the opportunity to eat at Carl's Jr. a number of times and boy is it just TASTY!!!!! We may have to slow down as the prices are pretty close to the American prices.

I mentioned that we have been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission and these past few days have been the back end of 2 Nephi!! Just a wonderful part. The Lord talks about how he only invites people to come unto him and read the Book of Mormon but there is so many that won't and he explains in depth what will happen to them. As a missionary I invite and teach, the others exercise their free agency. It has been comforting and a lot of learning from the Book of Mormon.

In the sports world, I better hear about March Madness. Maybe that madness will calm the madness that a missionary experiences. :) Hopefully the girls cherish the moment to play on a big stage because it is one of a kind and truly is awesome. It's even better when you win.

Look at the old man getting glasses and such!! 

As for the weather update, I don't even know what the word dry even means. I don't know how my shoes and clothes are holding up but they are still hanging in there. There is a request from my companion if a rain jacket like mine can be obtained from Eddie Bauer he would be excited!! 

There was a question about the Malaysian language. Indonesian and malaysian are practically the same. There are a few words that are different but I understand and can talk with them and all that good stuff. The Singapore mission has so many languages too!!! 

Things are hard, but they are happening for a reason! The Lord has his way and will do it his way I will just do my part! 

Love you all!

Elder Hayes

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