Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 58 - Miracle Investigator, New Missionaries, and a Dead Body

Salam from the Spice Islands!

I'll get right into it. There was a lot of great things that have happened this past week.

On Tuesday we had our district meetings. We usually have our district meetings on Tuesday so that we start off the week all fired up ready to go teach everybody and their distant cousins. I asked one of the Sisters to teach the lesson and she gave a very powerful lesson on conversion of us as individuals. It really had me thinking about what Heavenly Father has planned for us and what we as intelligences know....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the grand scheme of things but we have enough knowledge for our mission here on Earth.

On Wednesday we were able to pay a visit to our miracle investigator that found the church on the internet. He had the biggest smile when we came up and told us that he has been waiting since he got home from church for our arrival. He came again yesterday and brought his son who is also 19 and is awesome!! They are a family that has been prepared by the Lord.

Our futsal activity that we have every other week keeps having success with less-actives and a few semi-actives. We hope to continue to see the success there!

On Friday, the new missionaries were able to arrive!!! We added 2 new ones to our district so that puts us at 7 missionaries with the sisters now in the 3-some! We picked them up from the airport Friday night and they were able to go straight to work! The new Elder is from Fredericksburg, VA. It turns out he graduated the same year as myself and did a year at BYU. We were talking about mormon proms and other activities and he himself was there in person, so we probably have passed each other in the hallway and now look where we meet, on the other side of the world up in the city of Manado!! Him and I are basically the same person!! Which makes sense because he is my "grandson."

On Saturday Elder P and I had the chance to pick up a dead body. No worries it was safe! I have never touched a dead body in my life. It just so happens that a less-active had passed away and they were going to lay her in the casket and needed help.....of course they ask the 2 biggest people to help, the 2 white people! We set her in and now she can rest peacefully in the care of Heavenly Father.

Church continues to just grow and be awesome. As a district we had 6 investigators at once another packed church. My companion and I had 4 of those investigators! Hopefully 2 of them will be baptized this Saturday and we are planning to set more baptismal dates this week! The church is true!!!!!

So many miracles, so many blessings, and I have the wonderful chance to be a tool in the work!

Love you all!

Elder Hayes

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