Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 59 - How do I Introduce God to People Who Already Know Who God Is?

SELAMAT HARI KEMERDEKAAN!!! Today is the 17th of August which is independence day for Indonesia. I am rockin' a red tie with the white shirt!! :)

"How do I introduce God to people who already know who God is? "

This past week, this has been my question of study! It has taken study from the books (scriptures, Preach my Gospel), experimenting with trial and error, and talking with others. It is safe to say, this is a mission let alone life long question of study. The answer is still in the works, but I think I have a start! My favorite thing to think about is "Being an example unto the believers." When I read that scripture I pictured two groups of people that are followers of Christ but one had a better example than the other and it was just obvious that the person with the better example would have a better influence on the lives of others! As I looked back on my past and pondered the things that I have already done, I truly hope that my example has separated me from others so it gives me an opportunity to "introduce God." Now, I am so not perfect but I'm working on it. I also came to the conclusion that another good way is through the evidence which is the Book of Mormon and the spirit. This past week I started reading the Book of Mormon again and the book of first Nephi just entails everything right there, the Book just happens to get better as we continue reading. The spirit itself will testify of the truth. I have really been working hard to help others feel the spirit through my example, testimony and also the Book of Mormon this past week! This is just the surface of what can answer this life long question.

With that being said, this past week has been AWESOME!!! Lots of good things going on and no rest! It's funny that as a missionary I get way more sleep than I ever did before, yet I am way more tired and exhausted!! It's a good feeling of exhaustion!!! This past week we have met with lots of families. If you had to ask me, it is almost a more spiritual experience when you teach a whole family about the Gospel rather than just 1. 1 is still amazing but there is special power in the family!!! We contacted a guy about a month ago and just barely had the time to make it to his house this past week. When we got there, he had his whole family stop what they were doing and listen to our message. We know that the Gospel will bless their lives. We have had great progression out of our miracle a couple weeks ago. 2 of them have set their baptismal dates and 2 of them have just picked up a huge interest in learning with us. 2 of them were able to make it to church and Sunday and I can see their questions being answered through the Gospel. It is truly amazing. We are looking forward to the next couple weeks before their baptisms and what not. As for the baptism that was supposed to happen this past weekend didn't end up going through. They live a little far from the Chapel and their mother lives in Malaysia, she also is the one who is in charge of renting a car and all that good stuff. However, this week they weren't able to get a car rented and by the time they had told us it was a little too late to go pick them up. No worries, they will be baptized!!!

Lots of great work going on in Manado along with lots of blessings and miracles!!!

To back track a little just of the pure laziness to delete, the miracle family that has set their baptism date was another crazy thing in itself. Elder S and myself had arrived at the house and the dad was just talking about after he was baptized and then out of no where just goes "Oh ya, when is my baptism?" Out of shock we looked at each other with a "did he just ask that?" face! It was a miracle and now they have a date!!

This morning I had to catch a plane to Jakarta because tomorrow there is an MLC meeting so I am currently in Jakarta writing this email!!! Tomorrow night I will return and the work will continue on!! I'm healthy and all is going well!! 

I know the church is true and that the Lord has something special planned for each and every one of us!!

Elder Hayes

My Favorite Drink - "ES CAMPUR"

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