Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 66 - MLC, and A Little P-Day Fun

Hello Everyone! Not a lot of time but so much to say! 

This past week has been a good one with lots of things going on. There really is not a lot of time so I'll just get right to it!

We had MLC on Tuesday, just this time I wasn't making the flight to Jakarta, I was already here. It was a GREAT meeting. We really focused on how we can work with the members and how to make our relationship with them better so that they see us as real representatives of the church. It was spirit filled and we got a lot of insight. 

As far as sickness goes, I threw up for the first time on my mission on Thursday night. No need to worry, it was a one night thing and it was because I had just eaten some bad food. I'm glad that is over, I am feeling a lot better and my voice has seemed to creeped its way back little by little. :)

To answer some of the questions, 
1. We have our own house which is not really in the mission home but is behind it. President and Sister Donald live right behind us again on like the 53rd floor. Crazy to think a small little home is backed by a tall building like that. Our office is just up the stairs so we live pretty dang close.

2. Each day we wake up and we study, sometimes we take all of our alotted time to study, sometimes we don't so that we can go work on all the extra things we have to do such as transfers, orders, referals, planning, and lots more!! We try to be out of the office as fast as possible so that we are teaching. We actually teach a lot of our lessons right here at the church offices because a lot of people know it and it makes it easier on them and of both worlds.

3. We do a little bit of cooking and eating out. When we do get a member appointment we do get fed. Member appointments are a little rare because each house takes about 2 hours+ to get to because of traffic and other stuff.

The Elders that are in our house (who will be moving out next week) had a baptism yesterday in our ward. The guy is actually from Manado, so I have been able to become really close with him. He already has a strong testimony and the baptismal service was awesome! The spirit was so strong and there were investigators there and what not it was great!! 

Today for P-day, President allowed us a little treat so we went to an amusement park! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! It was a great district building thing and just a nice enjoyable day. We topped it off with a family home evening here in the office. We watched "The Testaments." I cry everytime I watch that movie! We had investigators, new members, old members, less-actives it was just so spiritual and amazing!!

I know that this church is true. I've had the burning witness inside me of the truthfulness. I thank you all and love you all!

Elder Hayes
A Little P-Day Fun

City Life

CIty Life

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