Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 69 - A Week of Traveling for PLD and Totally Exhausted

My first words of this weeks email may get me in trouble....I happen to be on the other side of the world so I can live with that! You're looking a little gray on top there Dad! :) 

Well, I gave you all the heads up last week that this week's email might be sweet and simple. This past week was a lot of traveling and I had a blast!! On Tuesday, bright and early.....well actually before bright we caught a plane to Surabaya, that was where our first conference was. It was really cool to be able to go back to an area that I have already served. The first day consisted of the interviews and the second day was the spiritual uplifting meeting! We did have a role and if you ask me it went very well! It is fun being able to go around and meet ALL of the missionaries that we have in the mission as well as old companions, old missionaries that have been in the same district. On Wednesday after the conference, President and Sister Donald as well as my companion and I caught a train to Solo. The train ride was about 4 hours long and the next day consisted of interviews and Friday was the conference part. I think we finally got our lesson down on the third time haha! That was also cool because Solo was my first city! Friday night, we caught a plane back to Jakarta. You may have already seen most of the pictures from Sister Donald. I must say we are EXHAUSTED!! It is totally worth it!

Saturday we went right back to work. We started planning for the MLC meeting next week where all the Zone Leaders and a couple of the district Leaders meet here at Senopati once a month. That will be next week. We were able to meet with a new member who is doing awesome and makes me laugh everytime he opens his mouth. That night we met with a less-active family and were able to teach a little about the Temple and the blessings it will bring to their family when they have the chance to go. 

Most of our teaching in Jakarta is done on buses. It is hard to get to houses as almost any house that we would want to go to is the quickest 1 hour away because of walking time, traffic, and etc. Keep in mind that is the quickest. Sometimes it takes up to 2.5 almost 3 hours to get places solely because of city traffic, and the fact that it takes a little time to walk places. It makes the mission life here in Jakarta WAY different...just like a whole new mission basically! 

To answer a few questions:

1- Now that it is just Elder P and myself here we have quite a bit of space for the two of us. We are already spoiled with hot showers and good AC, which I freeze and shiver all the time now, and a great kitchen and all that good stuff but I would say we are even more spoiled! :)

2- Well Jakarta is a little different when it comes to teaching. We can teach on the buses and actually because we live in the main part of the city a lot of people pass by the offices and are willing to meet here. So if we are here sometimes we can just take a break to go teach somebody here in the office and then return to the things that we have going on. That makes it convenient.

3- Right now there are 3 Sister Training Leaders who are the Sister leaders in the mission. They also serve here in Jakarta just not as often in the office as we are.

Well, it sounds like Tuscarora is doing well this year in football and BYU had a good week. It is crazy to think that the Holidays are sinking in with Halloween....well at least there in America, Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Owen will be excited to leave and get started!! 

Love you all!

Elder Hayes

An Early Morning Flight to Surabaya

Grabbing some Lunch at PLD
PLD in Surabaya

PLD in Solo

Part of the original MTC Group

Putting together little packs for little school kids so they can have some cool things
The Finished Product

Caught him on the Train. :)

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