Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 68 - Life is Great, the Light of Christ, and Some Pretty Good Ice Cream

Life is great! That sums up this past week basically! Everything has gone very well and lots of other things have happened that just went well. Last Monday we made our way over to Grand Indonesia which is one of the craziest malls I have ever been into. We treated ourselves to some very delicious ice cream!! I'm guessing it tasted better than the noodles that Zach cooked!! HAHA :)

On Tuesday, I had my interview with President as every 3 months as part of the PLD conferences happens. It was amazing!! It was literally everything that I needed and probably wanted to hear. President Donald was teaching me a little bit about the light of Christ and how that works in this temporal world that we live in. Wahh it was so eye opening just bits and pieces of doctrine that I have never thought of before!! He then looked me in the eye and just started listing off gifts that I have and I held back those tears the whole time! It was awesome!!

Transfers happened on Tuesday. I was not transfered nor my companion but it was a busy day as we plan all of it. We plan the plane tickets and everything it was crazy! It's nice to hear at the end of the day that everybody made it to their areas safe and sound!!

We had our first PLD in Jawa Barat this past week. It went so well. Many of you are asking what is our role in it.....almost everything. We have a planning meeting with President and Sister Donald and we plan it out and then we go and hand out the assignment make schedules and agendas and we teach. It is a pretty hectic thing but nice to see when things pull together and make a very very spiritual meeting. I must say for the first one lots of questions how it would go but afterwards and reflecting it was perfect!! This week, we will be traveling to Surabaya and Solo to have those conferences. So my email next week may not be a whole lot as we leave tomorrow and get back Friday night!! With this we were able to play futsal with all the missionaries and I must say, I may still have some skills :)!!

We had 3 investigators to church and a couple less actives!!! It was a great week!

Seriously, everything is just going so well! It is just my companion and I right now here because the other Elders both moved and no one came to replace them!! 

SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN KEPADA ADIKKU!!!!! I'm sure when I'll see him again nothing will be the same!! He'll be huge!! 

I am memorizing a scripture a week just in Indonesian so this past week was D&C 82:10 "Aku Tuhan terikat ketika kamu melakukan apa yang Aku firmankan, tetapi ketika kamu tidak melakukan apa yang Aku firmankan, kamu tidak memporoleh janji" It is a great scripture and has meant so much to me on my mission..

I love you all and it is great to hear about things there!!

Elder Hayes

At PLD (Zone Conference)

At PLD (Zone Conference)

At PLD (Zone Conference)

Some Pretty Good Ice Cream

One of the National Monuments

Sate Padang! (So Good!!)

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