Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 91 - Recognizing Tender Mercies, and a Bit of A Dry Patch

Selamat Pagi!

I think this week has gone by faster than Lightning McQueen in his big race. Also, Heavenly Father has turned up the heater here in Indonesia. 

I can't believe it is already April! We have a very, very, very busy month ahead of us. The zone leaders will be flying in today as tomorrow is our MLC meeting. We have been sitting down with President and preparing for it and the other things that will be taking place this month as well. It is just an awesome experience to be in these meetings lead by the spirit telling us what needs to go on in the mission. I am super excited for tomorrow and the beginning of all the craziness that will take place in these next couple weeks.

This past week, I listened to Elder Bednar's talk on tender mercies. That was a tender mercy in itself. I left the house that day just filled with the spirit and feeling really good. I know that tender mercies do not come randomly and are God given. Heavenly Father prepares us to be in the position to realize that what we are experiencing are tender mercies. Saturday's weather was a tender mercy for me. It was just an absolutely beautiful day. Even though the day didn't go how we wanted, things were still smiling. There was a tender mercy in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was sitting there pondering my testimony and the things that I've done on the mission. I was filled once again with the spirit with the most adrenaline rushed feeling that this church is true and there is no doubt in my mind about it. As we prepared for our meetings with President and talked about repentance and felt the spirit there makes up another tender mercy. The public affairs missionary couple put on a community event to watch the Messiah which the Mormon Tabernacle just sang. We were asked to help with the event by welcoming and ushering people. Listening to that music was a tender mercy and an awesome experience.

As of lately, we have been struggling with investigators. The progressing ones have gone away and the ones that we have, hardly can be contacted. We spend a lot of our time out trying to find people. This past week has been a tough one. We met tons and tons of people. The number that are actually interested in the Gospel I would say is close to none out of these people. My companion and I are praying and know that there are people ready, we just don't know where they are yet.

I know this church is true and is lead by leaders that the Lord has selected by his own hand. I know that the priesthood authority has been restored to the Earth through a living prophet. The ordinances and commandments are what we have to do to return to our Father in Heaven and if we fall, we have a loving Savior that has paid the price for our sins. Saya sangat bersyukur atas keanggotaan saya di gereja ini dan segala berkat yang datang dari itu. Saya tahu dan bersaksi bahwa Bapa Surgawi mengenal kita semua secara pribadi dan mengasihi kita. 

I can't wait to watch conference next week! Love you all!

Elder Hayes  

sop buah-- like a fruit soup (one of my favorite snacks) 
 just a neat picture

 a good ol' bajaj (a form of transportation here)

 there are Grasshoppers of unusual size here

my companion enjoying his sop buah! :)

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