Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 93 - Zone Conferences, Back to Futsal, Traffic, Teaching The Gospel Over Skype

The zone conferences are off to a start!! This past week was the first of the round here in Jakarta! Everything went very well and the spirit was there! We are super excited for this week because it is filled with traveling and holding other zone conferences. Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in Solo and then Thursday and Friday we will be in Surabaya!  

It was nice, I was finally able to play futsal. The day before the actual conference, President holds interviews and then at night, all the missionaries have time to play some futsal together. It is a nice way to get the mind off the stresses of the work. Last time I wasn't able to play anything because my foot was not in working condition. This week we will have more futsal and some basketball!

This past week, the ward organized a badminton activity on Saturday. We invited some investigators and 2 of them showed up. The two that are probably the closest with the ward yet rarely go to church! These 2 investigators are from a part member family and missionaries have been working with them for a while now. They know people in the ward, they know the missionaries pretty well just haven't gotten that spiritual confirmation. It was a nice activity to spend with them. They really enjoyed it and asked if we could do it again so the quorum President booked it again! Little by little we are working with them! 

As for other investigators, we picked up a couple new ones this past week. We had 1 investigator come to church yesterday. This is the investigator that always comes to church and has been coming to church for a couple months now, but doesn't really want to meet with us to learn.....I don't understand! In all reality, we have a good amount of investigators, the hard part is meeting with them all! 

We had an English class of 15+ people this week!! 3 of the students are refugees from Afghanistan and the rest are Indonesian! It was nice to have a big Englsih class! Here in Jakarta, the people that come, they usually already have decent English which is different from other places where they come and they don't understand a lick of English!

Other than that, this week was filled with MACET (traffic) and weather that was not clear! 1 hour it was blazing hot, the next we were in what looked and felt like Monsoon rains! The weather changes almost instantly!  My companion has his last hoorah this week as he will be finishing and heading home next week! It is a little funny, he is from Surabaya so we will be there.....he will most likely meet his family, come back here to finish up a couple things and then a couple days later return home. His group of missionaries will be going to the Indonesia wide young single adult activity the first week of May. They are all pretty excited! 

Crazy story! 

There is a lady that was an investigator in 2009. She moved to where there was no church so never was baptized! Recently she contacted the missionaries again and they taught her over skype and this past week right before she moved back to Bali she was baptized. It was a pretty cool story and now, we are going to try and teach her fiance who is from England over skype!!

I know the church is true, and the spreading of the Gospel continues on!

Elder Hayes

Elder Saudners and I! (trained by the same trainer)

Jakarta Zone Conference

A Little Office Fun
Sisters had a baptism!!!!! 

MACET - (Traffic)

More Jakarta

 Elder Hariyadi and I attempted to make our own Sop buah....not too shabby

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